Markin’ Out Episode #197

Who made the list? Seriously who made this list?

Markin’ Out Episode #196

Halloween is over and Brandon thinks he’s over.

Markin’ Out Episode #195

MarkinOut195Listen to the spookiest and kookiest episode yet!

Markin’ Out Episode #194

MarkinOut194The PPV that meant nothing.

Markin’ Out Episode #143


We speak about WWE PPV, PWS and struggle through TNA.

Markin’ Out Episode #142


It’s a full moon and all the creatures are out to play. The Wolf Pack Players will tear your soul apart with TNA coverage, but sew it back together with WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #133



Full Recap of WWE SummerSlam, Dave rants on the PWI Top 500, and Brandon rants on Justin Bieber fans

Markin’ Out Episode #130



A lot of WWE talk, a lot of independent wrestling talk and then there is TNA…or TNMMA.

Markin’ Out Episode #120



With Dave gone this week, we enlist the help of NYWC LiveWire hosts Jason Linnick and Heel Franklin as we go over the week that was in sports entertainment and pro wrestling

Markin’ Out Episode #119


Extensive predictions for WWE Extreme Rules…Ryback Rules