Markin’ Out Episode #677

The WWE Royal Rumble is here and we give our predictions. The Rock joins the board. Netflix is Raw. Plus, Sting is all in?

Markin’ Out Episode #676

Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins were the talk of the town on Raw because of their World Championship match. As were Hook and Samoa Joe who main evented Dynamite.

Markin’ Out Episode #675

Some big controversy on Twitter this week. Sting is nuts and might have his final opponents. There is a new NXT North American Champion.

Markin’ Out Episode #674

Celebrate the new year with us. We attended AEW Worlds End and saw Adam Cole revealed as The Devil. The Rock surprised the people with an appearance on WWE Raw.

Markin’ Out Episode #673

For the last episode of 2023, we give predictions for 2024. Plus we talk about AEW Worlds End taking place at the Nassau Coliseum.

Markin’ Out Episode #672

Happy holidays to all! It is officially winter and we are on the road to Worlds End and Day 1. However, there are still some stockings that need stuffing.

Markin’ Out Episode #671

What shocked you this week in wrestling? The Von Erichs appeared for 30 seconds. Dragon Lee won big at Deadline. CM Punk declared for the Royal Rumble.

Markin’ Out Episode #670

Edge and Christian faced off on AEW Dynamite and it ended in disappointment. Drew McIntyre is kind of right. Deadline is here and everyone on NXT brawled.

Markin’ Out Episode #669

They say never say never. Hell has frozen over. CM Punk is back in WWE and left everyone in shock. Plus we discuss our Spotify Wrapped.

Markin’ Out Episode #668

Full Gear was a bit wonky, but it was Swerve who came out looking like a star. Survivor Series is here which means WarGames.