Markin’ Out Episode #149

Predictions for WWE TLC, reviews of Raw and SmackDown! and we cover indy wrestling…And TNA.

Markin’ Out Episode #143


We speak about WWE PPV, PWS and struggle through TNA.

Markin’ Out Episode #135



How can we write a description to this week’s pocast with a meme like this.

Markin’ Out Episode #133



Full Recap of WWE SummerSlam, Dave rants on the PWI Top 500, and Brandon rants on Justin Bieber fans

Markin’ Out Episode #130



A lot of WWE talk, a lot of independent wrestling talk and then there is TNA…or TNMMA.

Markin’ Out Episode #124



We go over WWE Payback, Impact, ROH and North West…What a dumb name.

Markin’ Out Episode #123


We take the muzzle off of Brandon as he does his own show this week?

Markin’ Out Episode #122



Quite possibly the longest recap of TNA ever as we talk about Slammiversary and Impact as well as the week that was in the WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #121



A full detailed review of the WWE App…If you didn’t know that WWE had an App. Plus predictions for Slammiversary.

Markin’ Out Episode #120



With Dave gone this week, we enlist the help of NYWC LiveWire hosts Jason Linnick and Heel Franklin as we go over the week that was in sports entertainment and pro wrestling