Markin’ Out Episode #195

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  1. Thanks for the questions guys!! It was kind of a joke referencing the Zack Ryder interview you guys mentioned 2 weeks ago on the show but since you asked, here goes.

    1- My laptop was stolen(by someone who I hope is using it so much they get carpal tunnel! because revenge is a dish best served… eventually!) so I couldn’t record a voice clip for the show, however, I am now typing this on my fancy new laptop so don’t worry boys, the #1 mark wouldn’t miss episode 200!

    2- David, your question had me laughing so hard on the metro(what we call subways) that I’m pretty sure people around me thought I was insane. As of November 1st, there is still no snow in Montreal. It’s getting cold though and pretty soon we’ll be covered in snow. Honestly, Montreal winters are very similar to the ones you guys have in NY, maybe just a little colder. Now out west, yes david like calgary, they get brutal winters that are nothing to fuck with… but we do have summer lol.

    I have a non wrestling related question this time. With the first month on the NHL regular season well under way, I was just wondering who Dave felt was having the best start, any early contenders you see for the cup? Hows your hockey pool going?

    Alright, that’s it from me this time guys,

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  2. hey guys I’m back in the comment section, i would like to ask with finn baler debuting on net when do you think kevin steen will make his debut? also for people on long island check out sufflok wrestling alliance they have shows in the nywc sportatorium and their a great up and coming promotion

    thx guys follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  3. hey guys, I’m back. haven’t listened in awhile (sorry) but I always read your tweets during raw. school work has been crazy but I’m back.

    just watched Finn Balor’s debut and it was awesome!! also thoughts on steen’s wwe name?

  4. Hey how’s it going guys? Thanks for another fun and entertaining show. I especially loved when you both tried to remember the lyrics to I Will Survive. I actually thought Dave would read the Shameless Plugs to the tune of that song.

    Anyway, I’ve been listening to a lot of wrestlers being interviewed on podcasts lately and I’ve noticed that when they are asked if they prefer being a heel or a face, they almost always say that they have tons of fun being a heel. I believe I’ve heard one person say face so far. If you were to choose between heel or face, which would you choose? And if you’ve answered this question before, I apologize in advance.

    Thanks a bunch guys! Look out for my congratulatory message soon.


  5. Hey Guys,

    First off, I totally failed to realize the dumb mistake I made, saying the main event of Hell In A Cell ended in DQ when it was just interference that lead to Rollins’ win. That’s what I get for writing these comments at 1:00am after a few IPA’s, but oh well!

    So I just caught episode two of Lucha Underground, and I know that last week I said I was skeptical, but I must say…this show is really growing on me. The production value is definitely top notch, even if it has more of a style reminiscent of Wrestling Society X (your reference last week was spot on), and the in ring action is great. This week had Johnny Mundo (Morrison) and Prince Puma (Ricochet) again, but this time going over as a tag team vs Ricky Reyes and Lil’ Cholo (didn’t catch their new names) in a pretty great match, Chavo Guerrero and Sexy Star going over Son of Havok (Matt Cross) and Ivelisse Velez (good to see her again), and Mil Muertes (with the gorgeous Catrina aka Maxine from NXT) with a strong debut going over Blue Demon Jr.

    My only concern for them (besides viewership) is the strength of their storylines. They seem to be doing the whole “owner vs the good guys” plot, and we all know how that one goes. Also, there seems to be a very high heel to face ratio that will need to be evened out soon to keep things fresh. All in all, it’s exciting to see something new in the world of wrestling, so I recommend that everyone that can watch, give it a try. Oh and you can watch videos of the episodes on since you guys don’t have El Rey in Long Island (Damn Cablevision!).

    Lastly, since I thought it was interesting to have someone request to have a question asked to them instead…any questions for me?

    Thanks again guys. This mark is signing out…

  6. Got some more complaints about WWE 2K15 that I wanna get out there. Maybe see if Brandon has any more.

    1)Rob Van Dam has no design on his boots except for his main attire
    2) The bell rings during every persons entrance in a 6 Man Tag Match
    3) The difficulty level on “Who Got NXT” ranges from either ridiculous easy to impossibly difficult. Most notable, the final match of Zayn vs Cesaro. I have to kick out of his finisher and then store 3 of my own to perform an OMG moment?!

    Thanks guys!!


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