Markin’ Out Episode #403

Roman Reigns unfortunately relinquished the Universal Championship to fight leukemia + the countdown to Evolution is here.

Markin’ Out Episode #402

SmackDown! celebrates their 1000th episode so we discuss that + what we thought it could have been.

Markin’ Out Episode #401

Brandon & Dave recap their New York Comic Con experience + we have a special interview with Michael Kingston, the creator of the Headlocked comic and we go down undah for Super Show-Down results.

Markin’ Out Episode #400

For 400 weeks in a row, we’ve brought you the best pro wrestling podcast from Long Island, NY.

Markin’ Out Episode #351

SmackDown invaded Raw. Will we see them trick Raw again or will they be treated to an invasion of their own?

Markin’ Out Episode #350

Some selfies break the internet while others get people fired. Plus Reigns & Bray are out, Angle & AJ are in.

Markin’ Out Episode #349

The Shield attempt to burn down the asylum and claim their yard.

Markin’ Out Episode #348

Give this podcast the old listenski. You’ll never know what happens when we record the show inside a Hell in a Cell.

Markin’ Out Episode #299

This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Markin’ Out Episode #298

Did you make THE LIST? Find out on a new episode!