Markin’ Out Episode #194

MarkinOut194The PPV that meant nothing.

6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #194

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for another awesome episode of your online listening experience. And thank you Dave for the recommendation. The House on Haunted Hill film I mentioned before was the one from 1959. It’s pretty creepy.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the appearance of Bray Wyatt at the end of the HIAC PPV. I had goosebumps!

    Thanks again guys! Keep at it!


  2. Hey guys, i need some serious help. I’ve fallen away from wrestling, and I’m really sad. I’m in a really good place in my life, but without wrestling, I feel so incomplete. it also didn’t help I unsubscribed to your podcast, for the sake of making room. major mistake. please help me out here, I need wrestling!

  3. Why is candy corn still a thing? Like we all know its awful, but they keep making it and people apparently still buy it year after year….

  4. Hey guys! Happy Halloween to you both. Wanted to make sure I got a comment in this week especially with the 360/PS3 release of WWE 2k15. Most critics haven’t been to kind to the game and I’ve been texting with Brandon a lot about it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to play it myself yet but, wanted to hear some more about what Brandon thought.

    Speaking of WWE games, which one would you say is the best they’ve done so far and the worst WWE game ever?

    I also wanted to recommend “Scream 4” to anyone looking for a decent horror movie. The “Scream” franchise is one of my favorites and #4 really revitalized it for me.

    Enjoy your Halloween and don’t eat too much candy. I’ll be sure to tweet out a picture of my Halloween costume with my wife and I to you guys.


    PS- Sorry I couldn’t be on the show this week to speak about “House of Madness” but it was a great show.

    • 1 more question actually! I wanted to ask Brandon how is collection of masks started and what some of his favorites are.


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