Markin’ Out Episode #133



Full Recap of WWE SummerSlam, Dave rants on the PWI Top 500, and Brandon rants on Justin Bieber fans

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #133

  1. Whuld this have changed your opinion on CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar being a MOTY candidate?: So, As we all know Paul Heyman intervened in the match a lot. WHAT IF after the second or third intervention CM Punk’s old music starts playing and Luke Gallow’s starts making his way down the ramp and intervines completley changing the out comeof the match and starting a tag team feud of: CM Punk and Gallows against Lesnar and Axel

  2. First of all that person Brandon was taking about misspelled mermaid in her Twitter handle…. Great show again, the fight between Brandon and Dave was funny, Chris laughing at it in the background was priceless. Question for you guys, who do you think would be the perfect tag partner for each of you? 2nd Question, who had a bigger fall from grace, Ryback, Khali, Miz or any other guy you can think of?
    Thanks once again, the Number 2 mark,

  3. Hey dudes! I really enjoyed the ins and outs of this episode. The banter between Dave and Brandon was hilarious. Chris should referee that next time!!

    Keep up the awesome episodes.

    – Willy P.

  4. i need to hear more of brandon & dave fighting lol. That was great. PS. Dave its Batman the animated series & its fucking great lol

    • haha thanks. Yea I hear great things about the series. Watched some of it when it was on tv, but I think I’d enjoy it more now than before.

  5. Huge fan of the show, been listening and loving it for a while now. My favourite wrestler always has been and always will be Christian. My question is, what is all your guy’s favourite Christian match, ever. TNA, WWE, etc.

  6. Great show as always! Keeps me laughing on my way to work on Saturday morning.

    Where do you guys see Curtis Axel one year from now? Are you all impressed with him or does he still have a ways to go?

    Keep up the good work! By the way, I changed my twitter handle again. Follow me @JLinnick

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