Markin’ Out Episode #625

We have Raw celebrations, ride closures and the Royal Rumble. MJF gets the better of Bryan Danielson and Darby Allin seems invincible.

Markin’ Out Episode #624

We get ready for the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw. Blood became a hot topic. An unexpected heel turn? Plus a big contract signing.

Markin’ Out Episode #623

What an absolutely crazy news week for wrestling. Plus we have new Champions and contenders. We also find out the main event of Vengeance Day.

Markin’ Out Episode #622

It is a brand new year again and there was so much wrestling. We talk about the WWE Forbidden Door and the women that set the bar for NXT.

Markin’ Out Episode #621

It is the last episode of 2022 and we give predictions for the new year. John Cena also returns to wrestle a WWE match for his 21st year in a row.

Markin’ Out Episode #620

It’s Christmas, so you better believe that wrestling gave us some gifts this week and we unwrap all of them. The women in AEW and WWE delivered big time.

Markin’ Out Episode #619

New Champions in WWE and ROH. The 9-month-long feud between the JAS and Blackpool Combat Club continues for some reason.

Markin’ Out Episode #618

New Day makes their return to NXT as they prepare for Deadline. AEW gets a #1 contender, even though they were already #1 contender.

Markin’ Out Episode #617

WarGames, William Regal and MJF absolutely delivered this week. Plus, Shawn Michaels announced most of the competitors for NXT Deadline.

Markin’ Out Episode #616

Full from Full Gear? Stuffed from Thanksgiving? AEW gifts us The Elite vs Death Triangle 900 times. WWE prepares for WarGames and Dijak finally returns.