Markin’ Out Episode #142


It’s a full moon and all the creatures are out to play. The Wolf Pack Players will tear your soul apart with TNA coverage, but sew it back together with WWE.

12 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #142

  1. I die first?!? I would definitely make it to the last 5! Brandon don’t deny what you can’t hide. Also Brandon you left your rubber duckey in my bathtub after Big E Brandon Bath time fun.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for another great show. I’ve finally found a way to make Monday mornings worth looking forward to 🙂 Oh and by the way, Brandon, I’m digging the Paul Bearer costume. Great stuff! I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited about the whole Bash at the Beach thing that you guys were talking about. If WWE does do it, I’m curious to see how they would go about it.

    Now random question: I know you guys have probably heard of this song already. What do you guys think about “What Does The Fox Say”?

  3. Do you think that wwe buried Damien Sandow with him losing a lot only for him to finally cash in but lose the money in the bank to john cena?

  4. Sorry follow up question can you see wwe buying tna just to lose there only competition (not really)

  5. Looks as if DBry is on the back burner. Will wrestlemania be the pay off? It’s not going to be anytime soon, I’ve got a feeling DBry wins Royal Rumble and gets his rematch. Cena now the WHC we will have Orton as champ for a few months. I think the payoff would have been better for DBry to win in any of the October PPVs and rode that into wrestlemania after Jericho wins rumble. Better match for the gold in my opinion. Just a big dumb fan I guess. WWE knows what’s best for us and business….. The bastards need to watch Rocky IV not Rocky 1

  6. Man, between WWE and TNA, wrestling on TV is just far too hard to watch live anymore. If it’s not a predictable finish, it’s a screw job. WWE will wonder why they have no stars when people like Bryan, Sandow and Ziggler constantly lose to the same olds, over and over. What’s going to happen when Cena and Orton go part time like Triple H (not that that stops him from headlining each and every show), when they have no one to actually put into a main event?

    Aside from the main event picture, what the hell is the Midcard even doing on TV now? Two fake Genericos to cover his signature chant, tag teams no one cares about, and Khali every week. I remember when the IC and US belts had real storylines that actually took place on TV, but I guess I’m crazy to think anything aside from the top 2 titles mattering. As I’m sitting here typing this I see Kane destroying Miz in a 2 minute match, two former WWE champions put on less time than the Divas Tag bout before it.

    Sorry that went on so long, but I want to know – how long before the WWE runs out of talent in a way that back fires for them? How long before Cena and Orton can’t continue as full timers and the massive fan base WWE has trained to only like those two stop watching once their only two “real champions” are gone?

    – Nick Matocho

  7. Hey guys!
    Great episode! Just to be aware, Ethan Carter III (Previously Derrick Bateman) actually used the Headlock driver as a finisher before Dean Ambrose did…. Ethan used it for a while before WWE but didn’t introduce it before his end run. Dean started using it as a finisher in his WWE run….
    Hope you guys have a good week (considering I’m commenting on a Tuesday)

  8. Great show WPP!!!!!
    I hope you guys talk about what you think about WWE 2K14. I just got it and immediately marked out for The Rocks WM 19 theme.
    Also I liked the Daniel Bryan cover!
    One question: Your pick for WWE breakout star of 2014?
    Thanks again
    The number 2 mark…..

  9. Hey Big E, Brandon aint having tickle fights with you or anything. Im the one BTTG reeeally likes. If you dont believe me ask him about that time we had a three way bubble bath including Brandon, Me and my dad. Oh and guess what 6 is greater than 5……

  10. The WPP have another great show! Gotta say that you guys are really holding it down while Chris is MIA. Awesome job guys!

    I don’t necessarily agree that Sandow losing to Cena was him being buried. I thought Sandow looked great during the match and really did anyone think Cena would hold the title for 24 hours? He’s super Cena, it’s what he does. Obviously Sandow beating Cena would’ve been huge but even with the loss I think Sandow took his game to a whole new level.

    As for the Daniel Bryan situation… I really do think that WWE dropped the ball big time with this whole mess of a storyline and for what? To push Big Show? Daniel Bryan has been the hottest thing going in WWE for months. While I do see him winning the rumble and going to WM I wonder if people will still care as much as they did when he won at SummerSlam.

    Why is WWE so afraid of giving younger guys a real push? Kofi, Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Hawkins, Ryder the list goes on, all great talents being wasted!

    Thanks for the great show every week, I think it’s really awesome how you guys interact with your fans and encourage conversation! Most of my friends stopped caring about wrestling a long time ago so it’s cool for people like me who love talking wrestling to know there’s a bunch of marks out there just like me. Keep up the great work.

    Your number 1 mark


    Ps: huge props to Brandon for the Paul Bearer costume. Awesome!

  11. Hey fellas, another great Wolfpack Players episode.

    Once again, my question will take some preparing.

    Since TNA is officially for sale, I was thinking the perfect buyer has to be someone who has almost or just as much money as Vinny Mac. I think someone like Mark Cuban would be perfect as someone to buy TNA. He could compete with Vince, money wise, and he is someone who cares about everything he does. I think he’d be the best buyer for TNA, and give a run for his money. Remember, Cuban likes wrestling, he appeared on Raw once and got speared into a table by Sheamus.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks again, the #1 Brandon Mark,

    PS. #DaveStillSucks

    Also follow me on twitter at @ERamadanov
    (Can’t wait to see you guys try to say my twitter handle!)

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