Markin’ Out Episode #196

Halloween is over and Brandon thinks he’s over.

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  1. I loved last week’s episode (as always), I was cracking up listening to the two of you argue over who’d be a better face or heel and trying to out promo one another, sorry Dave but Brandon had you beat on the microphone. Incidentally, it’s awesome how much time you dedicate to fan comments – the first 50 minutes was you answering our question! No other show makes its listeners as big a part of the Online Listening Experience.

    With that in mind, if nobody’s already suggested a tune for Dave’s shameless plugs this week then might I request that he sing them to the tune of Ric Flair’s theme?

    I also thought I’d ask you both a little wrestling fantasy question of my own: If you were a wrestler but you had to be in a tag team, which tag team would you be one half of? Like, which team do you think you’d actually work best in if you were a wrestler (so for example, you wouldn’t be Hawk – you’d be Dave and Animal). Any tag team that’s existed, present or past.

    Thanks for the great show and I’ll catch you down the Road to MarkiMania (that’s Episode 200).

    Your #5 mark RiC “to the” David

  2. Hey Guys,

    I guess I will start by answering the questions you gave me on the last episode.

    First off, I will say that, yes, I am very familiar with the horrible misfortune of having to deal with Cablevision first hand. I am from the Maryland suburbs of DC (DMV represent!) but from 2010 to 2013 I was living in East Hampton as part of the management team for a bed and breakfast in East Hampton, NY. Seeing as I had to deal with both personal and corporate Cablevision accounts, I know what it is like to deal with the company all too well. I am back home in the DMV area now though.

    Secondly, with TV shows that I currently follow, I have quite a few. Besides all things WWE, TNA and now Lucha Underground (more on that later) I am watching:
    -Gotham: Great show so far, but one that I feel is still trying to find it’s footing in regards to focusing on Gordon vs the typical Batman tropes.
    -The Flash: The closest thing that we will get to a Marvel comics style show for the DC universe which has been great since it’s premier.
    -The Arrow: My current favorite show. An almost Batman Begins style story for Green Arrow that incorporates Lost style flashbacks to create an excellent origin story for an underrated comic book hero.
    -American Horror Story Freak Show: Finally living up to the success of the first season, Freak Show is really bringing it with the creepiness and I am loving the American Psycho esque Dandy character.
    -Constantine: I am really pulling for this one, as I love the character from the Hellblazer comics. So far, the show seems to be very similar to Supernatural with the “demon of the week” stories, but I am hoping it grows into providing a continuous plot as the season goes on. Love the notion that both Heaven and Hell are both considered antagonists, in their own way.
    -Walking Dead: What can I say about this that hasn’t been said by everyone else on social media. Just a great show through and through.

    And now, seeing as I seem to be the only person commenting on Lucha Underground with you guys, I wanted to talk about my experience with Episode 3. I watched it tonight on DVR with my best friend (who happens to be Latin with no interest in wrestling) and even she seemed interested, stating that the backstage segments reminded her of novellas (Spanish soap operas) which ended up sparking her interest in the matches. This fascinated me as this means that the tonal change in comparison to WWE or TNA pulled in a person who could care less about wrestling. Otherwise, this week offered a pretty awesome three way dance between Drago, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix (all in their first match on Underground) which was, while a little “spot monkey-ish”, extremely exciting. I am okay with high spots galore in these types of matches, as that is very reminiscent of the AAA/Luchador style, and it pulled my non-wrestling fan friend into the action as well. Highlights included a flapjack reversed into a flipping hurricanrana and later a reverse hurricanrana/piledriver of sorts by Fenix. Seriously, a must watch match.

    Finally, I will end with a question for you both. Seeing as WWE 2k15 for PS4 and XBoxOne is only a few days away, I cannot wait to dive in and create a character of my own once again. If you were to create your own character on the spot, how would he/she be?

    -Heel or Face?
    -Singles or Stable/Tag-Team?
    -Manager? If so, whom?
    -What would your finisher be?

    Thanks again for all the social media promotion, but for now…this mark is signing off.

  3. Hey guys! As always I love the episode, I’m sorry that I have not sent in my voice clip yet. I promise that I will have something in time for number 200.

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on WWE DVDs. I may have asked this question in the past but, with the Network existing, do you think WWE still needs to make DVDs?

    What are some of your favorites? To me, I really liked the “Best In The World” CM Punk DVD and the Chris Jericho “Breaking the Code” DVD. I’m always a big fan of the DVDs that are 1 disc documentary and 2 discs of matches.

    Thanks guys!

    @JLinnick on Twitter

    PS- I’ll be sure to leave my thoughts for House of Hardcore in the comments next week.

  4. hey guys great show as always 1 question if u can pick 1 person from roh, pwg, czw, and nywc who would it be

    thx guys follow me on twitter @nywc_sign guy

  5. Hey guys! I hope all is well. Thanks for another kickass episode of your online listening experience. And thanks for reminding me to comment this week!

    Brandon, your Sting costume looks freaking AWESOME.

    I’d like to agree with what you guys have been saying about The Ascension debuting when they were still hot. I personally like them, but I do wish that they had pulled the trigger, like you said, at the right time.

    Also, I’m hearing things about The Great Khali and how he has been moved to the Alumni section. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on that.

    Thanks again for being so great every week. Now time for me to get back to work lol.


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