Markin’ Out Episode #130



A lot of WWE talk, a lot of independent wrestling talk and then there is TNA…or TNMMA.

12 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #130

  1. I would like to apologize, I was one of the commenters. Love the show been listening for a while. Also, what do you think will be the payoff match from the Triple H vs McMahon angle. I think they both pick a guy to fight for them. I would like to see this lead to Vince picking Cena and HHH picking Taker. Maybe even causing a Cena heel turn.
    From @Drewfem97

  2. Thanks for the shout out guys! Car got totaled and I did get a Chevy Sonic. Doing much better now.

    Do you think WWE will buy TNA like they did with WCW or will TNA fold on its own and their wrestlers will eventually be picked up by WWE?

  3. Really entertaining show! 🙂 I love the banter you guys have, really makes it less robotic and humbling. (Sheik’s gonna get me for saying that….)

  4. I have been trying to get caught up on past shows! I really enjoy it and it helps me while im bike riding. Keep up the awesome podcasts!

  5. As crazy as it sounds, assuming Ortiz joins Aces & Eights, could you see Bellator using this “rivalry” from impact in the build up to the Ortiz-Jackson fight? As crazy as sounds, I wouldn’t rule it out. I’m interested in hearing your takes.

    And as far as the episode, great as always! I’m a huge fan of the longer ones. Gives me a chance to listen to a little each day. I could listen to B to the G laugh all day. Keep it up!

  6. To follow up on my last comment, I heard something from an actual source that said that Cena vs Triple H is being considered, so my idea could be partly true

  7. Awesome episode. I found it funny how Chris Zoned out during TNA. I am also going to continue requesting Brandon sing Dust in The wind and We Want Brad

  8. Love the show! Listen every week at work. No one at work likes wrestling, so it’s nice to have some pro wrestling talk by…pro wrestling fans when there’s no one around who likes it. Thanks guys!


  9. Book that Wrestlemania match, you other marks are going down!!

    Markin Outs REAL #1 mark


    Thanks for all the kind words on the podcast this week, you guys keep me entertained every week and im sure im not the only one that appreciates it!

  10. Hey guys, great show as always. I wanted to run a theory by you, Chris touched on it a bit last week. If Bryan wins after a hard fought match, Orton cashes in and completes the heel turn.

    What if the reason the Mcmahon’s are involved is just that, they want Randy as their corporate champion. Vince even said he doesn’t want Cena as champion and he doesn’t want Bryan even less so maybe Orton is the champion he wants and that will finalise his full heel turn. Kind of like the Rock back in the corporation days I mean. Just a thought.

    Looking forward to next weeks show, thanks guys.


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