Markin’ Out Episode #432

Brandon’s not here…BUT THAT’S NOT STOPPING US FROM BRINGING YOU THE BEST DARN PODCAST! Anthony Copozzi of Thracian joins us this week to discuss this Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV.

Markin’ Out Episode #384

Brandon abandoned the show leaving Chris and Dave to fend for themselves. #BTTGST2K18

Markin’ Out Episode #138



We discuss Dave and Brandon’s Excellent PWS Adventure, and the week that was in WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #137



Someone has done it already.. but seriously, We talk about WWE Night of Champions, Raw and touch on Impact, PWS and CZW

Markin’ Out Episode #136



This week, we discuss all things indy, TNA, ROH and of course WWE. We also throw down our predictions for Night of Champions.

Markin’ Out Episode #135



How can we write a description to this week’s pocast with a meme like this.

Markin’ Out Episode #133



Full Recap of WWE SummerSlam, Dave rants on the PWI Top 500, and Brandon rants on Justin Bieber fans

Markin’ Out Episode #132



Full WWE SummerSlam predictions, a lot of indy wrestling talk and TNA…

Markin’ Out Episode #130



A lot of WWE talk, a lot of independent wrestling talk and then there is TNA…or TNMMA.

Markin’ Out Episode #129



#AskDixie…enough said!