Markin’ Out Episode #197

Who made the list? Seriously who made this list?

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  1. Gentleman, how are we doing? If there any spelling mistakes, I apologize. Typing on an iPad is funny. Two weeks ago, there was a discussion about who would be a heel and who would be a face. let me start by saying, that I mean no disrespect to either of you. I have been listening to you guys for almost two years and look forward to every show.

    With that being said..

    Dave. There is no way you could be a heel. You sir, come off as the most harmless creature on earth. You are a nerd, as am I, but like a book nerd. You’re the good guy on the show. You are politically correct in almost every aspect. You are the type of guy that I would want to date my sister. Harmless and polite. Dave, I have never seen you nor have I seen a picture. Yet, I picture you as a scrawny kid with rich parents, who taught you be always do good.Therefore, there is a zero chance you could ever be a heel. Mr. Rave, do all the girls really crave?

    And then there is Brandon..
    When I first started listening to the show, I actually stopped because I didn’t like you. You came off as a dick and I mean that in the nicest way. I perceived you as a “know it all” nerd. A guy, who if wrong, would argue for the sake of arguing. For this reason, you could never be a face. You’re opinionated, a tad egotistical and sometimes are a little mean. It seems like you suffer from the “only child syndrome”.. Even though I think you are not. But you have grown on me and are pure entertainment.

    For these reasons stated above, I believe Dave can only be a face and Brandon can only be a heel. Don’t take anything I said personal or as an attack. I love the show and have nothing but respect for both of you.

    all in all, I wish you two would kick back, smoke a bowl, and keep recording.. Even know I know you nerds don’t partake in the herbs. You two are great and a pleasure to look forward to every Saturday morning. 200 is almost here. Keep it coming! Fucking nerds, didn’t you know this shit is fake

  2. Hey guys! Wanted to leave a comment this week about my trip to Philly to the House of Hardcore.

    First off, it was my birthday and it was quite an honor to meet Drew Galloway on my birthday. I’ve always been a big fan of his and have wanted to meet him for quite some time.

    Anyway, the show was amazing! It was a jam packed crowd (literally sold out.) There was so many good matches that I really don’t have anything bad to say about anything. If I had to be upset about something, it would be that RVD was not at the show.

    I think I’ve heard you guys speak about The Young Bucks in the past but, HOH was my first experience seeing them. WOW!! They are incredible. I love their over the top personalities and their in ring skills. If you guys ever get the chance, I would recommend watching this show from top to bottom. Every match felt like a main event IMO.

    Thanks guys!


  3. Hey what’s up guys? I hope I’m not too late with this comment. First, I’d like to say thank you for another awesome show.

    I went to the 18th Anniversary show for JAPW and I had such a great time. It was my first time going to one of their shows and I’m definitely looking forward to going to their next show. I think they announced the next one for March 21. One of my favorite things about going to see a promotion for the first time is getting to see new wrestlers. I got to see Too Hot Steve Scott for the first time and his match with Joey Janela was fantastic. I especially loved how he took a selfie while hitting a bulldog on Janela. AJ Styles vs Matt Sydal was probably my favorite match of the night and it was great meeting them both before and after the show. The six man tag match between The Viking War Party and Necro Butcher and his two partners, whose names I forgot, was total chaos. At one point, they were going at it about a foot away from us at the top of the bleachers. Scary stuff!

    It was great seeing JTG and Shad again. By the way, JTG looked super jacked. During their match against Damien Darling and Danny Demanto (or after I think?), poor Damien Darling got the ultimate wedgie from Shad. Fun match between them. Chris Hero and Samoe Joe also had a great match. In the main event, we saw Chris Sabin and Teddy Hart going against Team Angle. It wasn’t the greatest match but it was entertaining. Watching Team Angle make their entrance to Kurt Angle’s theme music and listening to the fans chant “You Suck” brought back some nice memories.

    Overall, a great show and, as I said before, I look forward to the next one. Now onto my question. A friend of mine shared some thoughts with me on Necro Butcher and how he is always expected to be in all of these crazy, violent matches. I had only seen him live once before, but I know that he is well known for putting on those kinds of matches. What do you think of wrestlers who fans expect to be involved in only certain types of matches? I hope I worded that in a way that you would understand. I apologize in advance if I didn’t.

    Thanks again for entertaining us every week!


  4. which Kevin (steen) Owens impending doom ready to be unleashed on the nxt universe, I feel that “fight Owens fight” doesn’t have the same ring to it that his real name did. do you think wwe will try to force a new “slogan” sort to speak when it comes to Owens as they did when Los matadores debut.. and the olé chant went to whom they rightfully belong.

  5. Hey guys!
    Sorry for the absence over the last weeks, I have been busy with my education! Do you see Erick Rowan turning heel again during the Team Cena vs Team Authority match up?

    All the Best,
    Broski Ben 🙂

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