Markin’ Out Episode #151



Listen to us jingle some bells for the Markin’ Out Holiday Special!

Markin’ Out Episode #149

Predictions for WWE TLC, reviews of Raw and SmackDown! and we cover indy wrestling…And TNA.

Markin’ Out Episode #148


We talk about independent pro wrestling as well as WWE. It’s a funny podcast and you should listen to it just because.

Markin’ Out Episode #146


WWE SmackDown and Raw coverage, Survivor Series predictions, PWS WrestleBowl recap and TNUH Turning Point.

Markin’ Out Episode #144


 WWE talk, PWS talk and we tear Dixie Carter a new one.

Markin’ Out Episode #143


We speak about WWE PPV, PWS and struggle through TNA.

Markin’ Out Episode #142


It’s a full moon and all the creatures are out to play. The Wolf Pack Players will tear your soul apart with TNA coverage, but sew it back together with WWE.

Markin’ Out Episode #141


WPP dedicate this episode to the first recording of this show that you’ll never hear. We also get down with WWE and throw up for TNA. We also cover PWS, ROH Glory Hole By Honor, and TNA Bound For Glory Hole.

Markin’ Out Episode #139


bWo and the Wolf Pack Players are takin’ oveeeer! There is also an interview with a former wrestling Champion.


Markin’ Out Episode #138



We discuss Dave and Brandon’s Excellent PWS Adventure, and the week that was in WWE.