Markin’ Out Episode #149

Predictions for WWE TLC, reviews of Raw and SmackDown! and we cover indy wrestling…And TNA.

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #149

  1. So I hear there’s another Justin around, we’ll guess what buddy I’m the number 3 mark. I’m the Mark of Marks, the undisputed Mark, the peoples mark, I’m just kidding man. Also pay no attention that when I forget to comment Big E does too, completely un releated
    Awesome podcast as always

  2. So after a month of being so busy I didnt listen or Markin Out or watch Raw…. If was a dark time… FINALLY THE NUMBER 2 MARK HAS COME BACK…… Home….
    I cant wait for the Markys…
    Also great to listen to the podcast again
    from the Number 2 mark..

  3. What do you think about wwe signing Randy orton’s cousin. I find this annoying because we already have enough ortons to get bored we don’t need another.

    From (whatever number we are at now) mark

  4. 5! 5! 5! I won for you brandon at TLC. Justin, you may be the number 3 mark but I’m the master of the 5 count, Brandon’s Big E Buddy, Brandon sung You got a friend in me to me while sitting at a camp fire. Me and the b to the g had disco night on Thursday then we boogie wogied oogied all the way back to Brandon’s house

  5. What’s up guys? Thanks for the great episode. Now there’s a big gap between the TLC PPV and the Royal Rumble PPV. I wonder if you guys think WWE will be able to build up to it.

    Thanks again for the great episode. It was fun hearing you guys struggle over my Twitter handle haha.


  6. Hey Guys, wonderful episode as always.

    I wanted to give a special thanks to you guys for plugging Talking WWE with Jay. I do indeed co-host that show, and we are going on two years on the air.

    As far as this week goes, I’ve got a couple of questions for you.

    1. This first question is non-wrestling related. I was listening to a past show, when I heard Brandon talk about Subway. I kinda marked out a bit, because I work there currently as a manager, as I’m attending college to get my degree in communications. I was wondering what your favorite sandwiches are or what you usually get when you go there? LOL. I know this might be a weird question, but I thought I’d ask.

    2.Back to wrestling, I had a HUGE debate with a buddy of mine about CM Punk’s career. I made the argument that without breaking rules, and breaking kayfabe, Punk would still be wasting away in the mid-card. I am someone who never liked the way CM Punk rose to stardom. I respect his talents, but I feel like he took a short cut, and cheated in a sense. He couldn’t get over keeping kayfabe, so he bitched and moaned, and by doing so has become a “top guy”. So I dont think he is really the best in the world, because he can’t get over straight up, so he had to result to cutting corners. I have multiple guys that I think are better than him like Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Styles, and the list goes on. I also can’t stand his “I’m smarter than all of you” attitude he always has towards everyone running WWE. What do you guys think? Would Punk he anything without breaking kayfabe?

    Thanks again guys, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.

    Follow me on Twitter @EronWC, and listen to Talking WWE with Jay on, tuesdays and thursdays at 4 PM EST.

  7. How do you feel about the tag division? It’s getting interesting in my opinion, where do you see it going?

    I would like to add, all the wrestling fans bitching last year that WWE forgot about tag teams then bitched Monday night complaining about too many tag matches, stop being hypocrites and just enjoy the damn show! No pleasing some people! Anyway congrats in 150.

    Side note, how has Lawler not been arrested for some sexual charges ever?

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