Markin’ Out Episode #138



We discuss Dave and Brandon’s Excellent PWS Adventure, and the week that was in WWE.

6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #138

  1. You guys are welcome for the sign. we love making them and we will continue to make them and support one of the best indy feds out there PWS. We will also continue to listen to an awesome podcast….you guys! If you ever need two special guests we’re here and we won’t “tie” you up too long 😉

  2. My question for this week is if you guys could pick 5 guys to go from TNA to go to WWE, who would you pick?
    I’d pick Bobby Roode, Magnus, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Sting.

  3. hey, you guys are f’ing awesome! In nxt my favorite tag team has to be the ascension. but with them being in their 30’s, do you think they’ll ever make it up to the main roster? If so, how long do you think they’d last? Thanks for an awesome listen every weekend.

  4. Good episode guys. I’ll try and keep it shorter this week Chris… lol

    Here is an interesting question for you; Which WWE Superstar would you like to trade places with? It could be anyone on the WWE roster. Personally, I’d pick a referee because I’d have the best seat in the house for every match.

    PS: I would like to become the first and #1 Brandon Mark…. and #DaveStillSucks

  5. Appreciate the weekly show as always, but I wanted to ask if you could share thoughts on the best wrestling game in the past. It’s either No Mercy or Wrestlemania on N64. NWO vs WCW was also pretty good. Today’s games are great but they don’t measure up to these classics.

  6. Great show, ONCE AGAIN. Its only October and I cant wait until the 2013 MARKYS…
    1. Who are two guys who have never been in a tag team before that you think had potential to be a big time tag team?
    2. Who was or is a comedic wrestler that you think could have been a star if taken serious? for example maybe a guy like Santino or Goldust…. or ZACK RYDER
    3. For Brandon, why is Justin Gabriel so awesome, and does is have to do with his attire.
    From the NUMBER 2 MARK…..

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