Markin’ Out Episode #151



Listen to us jingle some bells for the Markin’ Out Holiday Special!

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #151

  1. great show as always guys but when is chris coming back? also to correct you on athletic inc now they are being called team elite headed by mondo and don’t include nese anymore

  2. I’m baaaaaaaaaackkkkkk everyones favorite #1 mark MtlBroski?

    It’s been awhile since I posted in the comments but rest assured I haven’t missed a single episode of the best pro wrestling/sports entertainment podcast online, Markin Out!

    Great show again this week guys(also a big fan of the Markys) I just wanted to know what your dream wrestlemania main event would be. Any superstar of any generation, regardless of when they were in their prime.

    What 2 guys would you pit against each other on the grandest stage of them all?

    Awesome work as always guys, keep it up!

    The #1 mark


    ps: Be sure to follow me on twitter @MtlBroski

  3. Hey Guys! (Colt Cabana Voice). Wonderful episode as always. I wanted to know before anything else, Can Brandon read my entire comment in Dixie Carter’s voice? I was dying of laughter last week when he was mocking her.

    I’ve got a couple of questions for you.

    Firstly, I’ve noticed that you guys aren’t the biggest TNA fans, so I was wondering if you guys were booking TNA, what would you do to fix their product? I think one of their biggest problems is always wanting to do gang warfare storylines. For example, Aces & Eights vs. TNA, Immortal vs. Fortune, and now the Dixie Carter stable with Rockstar Spud, Magnus, EC3, and probably more to come vs. the rest of TNA.

    Secondly, As we approach the Royal Rumble, what are your favorite Rumble returns? For me it had to be Booker T in 2011, Diesel in 2011, and Edge in 2010.

    Thanks guys, keep up the GREAT work, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.

    Follow me on Twitter @EronUST.

  4. 5! 5! 5! Brandon, are you faithful to are relationship? Let’s test it with an FMK with me, Erik Rowen and Ric Flair. Dave you can answer too

  5. Thanks for the shoutout on Friday. Another awesome episode, I can’t wait to celebrate Bill Cosby day every year. Happy New Year

  6. Hey guys! I’d like to start off by wishing you guys a happy new year.

    I’m very curious to hear your thoughts on the segment that ended Raw this week, which involved The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. I just want to know where you guys see this going.

    Thanks for the always amazing podcasts. I look forward to many more!


  7. Hey guys! Happy 2014. Looking forward to another great year of Markin’ Out.

    I don’t watch very much TNA if at all but, what are your thoughts on Magnus? Is he a good champion? Is he someone you would like to see jump to WWE if the chance ever came up?

    Thanks guys!!

    @JLinnick on twitter

  8. Hey guys! Great episode as always.

    I saw that you guys tweeted about JBL and Lawler standing up in reaction to their names being chanted this past Monday on Raw during the match between Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston. I agree that it was quite disrespectful on their part because it took away attention from the match which, in my opinion, wasn’t bad at all. Those fan chants are getting kind of frustrating.

    Anyway, thanks again for the fantastic podcasts. I also appreciate Mike taking time to share his opinions on the podcast as well so thanks to you too, Mike!


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