Markin’ Out Episode #141


WPP dedicate this episode to the first recording of this show that you’ll never hear. We also get down with WWE and throw up for TNA. We also cover PWS, ROH Glory Hole By Honor, and TNA Bound For Glory Hole.

9 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #141

  1. Woah woah woah…. I heard I’m in BTTG’s Bitch category with that Big E Langston? Do you know who my dad is? Yeah I would watch what I said if I were you. And Big E, I got 6 toes and I could probably beat you up….

  2. And again, the WPP with an awesome episode. I know Brandon has said he thinks Roman Reigns will break out of the Shield first, but who do you think will have the best career when it’s all said and done. And where do you see the members of the shield in 3 years? Finally, could you see any member ever being a major (WWE or WHC) champ? I like Brandons idea about Drew McIntyre and I think Jinder could under his previous gimmick, but I can’t see Slater winning it.
    Thanks again THE #2 MARK @Drewfem97

  3. Hey Guys, great episode. Can’t believe I forgot to comment last week… That isn’t best for business. Anyways..

    This question might take some preparing, but I thought it would be a cool topic to talk about. If you were WWE, or Vince McMahon, and you had all the power to book WrestleMania 30, and you could pick and choose from all the names floating around the rumor mill like Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc. What would your Top 4 Matches be for your card?

    Personally, I’d go with:
    1. CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    2. The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar
    3. The Undertaker vs. Sting
    4. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (One Last Time)

    The only problem with my card is I don’t know where to put Cena. There is no way he’s left out of the top 4 matches.

    Thanks again guys.

    Yours truly, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron!

    P.S. #DaveStillSucks

  4. Where do I even begin? I guess I’ll get formalities out of the way and say I enjoyed yet another Wolfpack Players episode.

    After a lengthy conversation with Brandon about the DLC that was announced this week, I can’t help but feel both let down and excited all at the same time.

    As cool as nWo is to have, and Summer Rae is playable, I keep going back and asking myself why in the blue hell is Virgil in this game and not Curtis Axel, RVD, Wyatt Family or even Honky Tonk Man?! No matter what bright spot I try to look on, my mind just keeps going back to Virgil! And another thing, where is Jimmy Hart?!

    No matter what the makers of this game do, no fan will ever truly be 100% happy. Here’s to hoping there’s a 4th unannoucned DLC pack that will satisfy all of our mark dreams.


  5. Hey guys, love the show, awesome as always. Just wondering if Chris is okay, haven’t heard him in a few weeks! Thanks!

  6. 5! 5! Garrett Bischoff do you know how old I was when I started beating up punks like you? 5! Do you know how many times I’ve showered with the b to the g? 5! I’m the number one bitch. See you under the covers for tickle time Brandon

  7. Awesome episode as always and Brandon thanks for saying my intro that was so cool! Quick question If you were a wrestler would you rather have a Valet or a bodyguard?

    The number 3 Mark

  8. Heard they book Taker vs Lesnar for wrestlemania. Lazy ass booking or creative genius? I think it’s bullshit. Lesnar has I think only 1 win since being back…. No one will ever believe he could beat the streak. I really think someone else is much more deserving of a match with Taker

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