Markin’ Out Episode #148


We talk about independent pro wrestling as well as WWE. It’s a funny podcast and you should listen to it just because.

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #148

  1. Hey guys loved the show , if WWE Let’s Justin Gabriel Go where do you think he will He end up by example : PWG , PWS or TNA : from Kevin #whoBettaThanBrandon #WPP4life

  2. It’s been a long time but, I’m finally making my return to the comment section of Markin’ Out!

    1) How would you feel if WWE brought a PPV to London, like they did for SummerSlam 92?

    2) What are your thoughts on the new Ultimate Warrior DVD rumored to be released in April 2014? What were your thoughts on “The Self Destruction of Ultimate Warrior” DVD that already exists?

    3) Do you buy in to the rumors that because of the upcoming DVD that WWE will finally induct Ultimate Warrior?

    Thanks guys! Sorry my questions are so Warrior heavy. Keep up the good work.


    @JLinnick on twitter

  3. Hey guys, great episode as always. Thank you for that. I’d like to start off by saying that I feel for that Walmart employee because working in customer service SUCKS, especially with difficult customers like that lady Brandon mentioned.

    Anyway, I’d like to know your thoughts on Alexander Rusev. I think Rusev is definitely Vince’s type. Do you guys think he’ll be brought up to the main roster soon or do you think it’ll be a while?

    Thanks again guys. Oh and I do have a Twitter account, by the way. It’s @ReverseEnimsaj

  4. Hey guys, wonderful episode as always.

    This week’s question is about the WWE network. I’ve heard that the WWE Network will be similar to Netflix or HULU Plus, where you can pay for it on a monthly basis. I’ve heard different prices thrown around anywhere from 10 – 12 dollars a month, maybe more. I also heard that all the WWE pay-per-views will be shown on there for either a reduced price or even for free if you have the subscription. I’ve also heard that you will be able to watch any device like a tablet or phone, and WWE will have a 24/7 vault that you can go back and watch the pay-per-views as many times as you want, and other shows like RAW, Smackdown, etc.

    For me, this seems all to good to be true. How doesn’t WWE loose a ton of money off this? What do you guys think? And will you guys get the subscription for the WWE Network?

    Thanks again guys, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.

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  5. Sin Cara aka Hunico and Rey Mysterio seem to be getting a push, do you think it’s a quick push so they will get their mania match before anyone gets injured?

    Rybaxel – stupid name but will this team and up with Ryback down the road turning on Axel and becoming face again? WWE really screwed that up because Ryback was over big time before turning heel for the Cena feud. #FeedMeMore chants at mania would be awesome. I think the turn out with these guys will be like the Gunner and Storm storyline

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