Markin’ Out Episode #182

How do you mend a broken heart? Listen to us discuss WWE, TNA and indy wrestling on the only Online Listening Experience!

Markin’ Out Episode #181

MarkinOut1812We think you know what happened this week. Tune in to our Online Listening Experience.

Markin’ Out Episode #180

MarkinOut180We give our predictions for WWE Battleground, go over SmackDown, Raw, NXT and touch on Impact and indy wrestling!

Markin’ Out Episode #179

MarkinOut179Dun dun dun dun…Look into the sky, look to the sun. The star that burned bright has returned for some fun!

Markin’ Out Episode #178

DixieMessageThis week we go over WWE Money in the Bank, Raw, returns, surprises and NYWC!

Markin’ Out Episode #177

Whoops…We did it again. This is now our longest show ever and we cover it all!

Markin’ Out Episode #176

MarkinOut176We talk…A LOT. Check it out and live longer.

Markin’ Out Episode #175

Markin Out 175WWE made a lot of releases this week and we give you our thoughts.

Markin’ Out Episode #174

MarkinOut174In what we believe is our longest episode ever, hear about the fallout from WWE Payback, Raw and other exciting things!

Markin’ Out Episode #173

We give you our predictions for WWE Payback and we go over SmackDown, Raw and NXT Takeover. Also hear what’s happening on the local indys this week.