Markin’ Out Episode #175

Markin Out 175WWE made a lot of releases this week and we give you our thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #175

  1. Hey guys, the podcast was awesome as always. I have a few questions/comments.
    First off i think that Dr. Shelby should return to give Kane some anger management
    Second: If WWE has a second ladder match for the briefcase, which i suspect they will, who would you like to see in it? If it does happen it should be guys who havent held the title before, and it helps that the other ladder match is taking up most of those guys. I’d like to see some really out of the box guys, maybe Fandango, Slater, Titus O’neil and then maybe Sandow, Sin Cara and Kofi. Its unlikely they give it to Sandow again and i personally dont think he needs it. I would love to see Titus come out of nowhere and win it.
    Finally, WWE is very quick to remove people off the “roster” page on their website whether they were released or even “quit” for storyline purposes, so what do you think about Punk still being classified as a current superstar yet they basically refuse to acknowledge him. I read that they are throwing everything they can at Punk to return but he really believes he’s done.

    Just wondering what you guys think.
    From the NUMBA TWO MARK

    • looks like i spoke too soon! Second match announced with Rollins as first entrant, ill bet it comes down to Rollins and Ambrose fighting for it

  2. Hey guys sorry for not commenting on past episodes especially last weeks since I was at raw live, been caught up w work. On to this weeks raw, I enjoyed it for the most part. It looks like Ambrose and Reigns have split due to Ambrose getting a new theme and no longer wearing shield attire. Happy that Reigns is still wearing his same attire and using the same theme as I think it’s bad ass. Also liked Goldust’s new partner being Stardust. Eventually I thought maybe there’s a chance Booker T would be his partner. Anyways intrigued by Cody’s alter ego Stardust and seeing where it goes. Looking forward to see who will be in the MITB ladder match along w Seth Rollins.

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for another fun episode of the podcast.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but I was kind of upset that Ambrose and Reigns just seem to have gone their separate ways all of a sudden on Raw. I don’t know if I missed something. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for both of them and their singles careers. It just seemed sort of abrupt. Again, I’m not sure if anyone else feels that way. I wanted to ask you guys what you thought.

    Thanks again for what you do each week for us. Keep it up!


  4. the shield break up was fun, but no mention of anything with reigns and Ambrose? they work together for years but don’t talk when their homie beats them down and leaves? fn joke wwe we are not idiots. anyway the photo of the day the music died was great again. poor hornswaggle finally fit in somewhere now he’s gone again under the ring.

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