Markin’ Out Episode #176

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9 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #176

  1. great show as always but i would just like to correct you on the company i know best nywc and say that tony nese has no affiliation with vane, justice. morris or anyone in team elite and that now nese is a face

    thanks again follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  2. Hey guys! I really enjoyed this week’s episode of the podcast. You guys made the traffic my family and I experienced this weekend during a trip seem bearable so thanks a bunch!

    Something that really stuck out to me during the podcast was what Dave said about having a Battle Royal on NXT to earn a spot in the second Money in the Bank match. That would have been interesting to watch, in my opinion. I would be worried that what happened with Bo Dallas when he earned a spot in the Rumble last year would happen again with the person who would have won the Battle Royal on NXT. If that battle royal were to happen and, as Dave said, Sami Zayn would have won, what do you guys think would have happened afterwards?

    Thanks again for the awesome podcast episodes every week!


    • Just wanted to add my thoughts on the first TNA taping of the week in NYC that I went to last night, which was Wednesday the 25th. I actually had a lot of fun. The energy from the crowd was really good. There were several empty seats on the balcony while only a few of the stage seats were empty. There was a lot of action in the ring, which, for the most part, I enjoyed. If I could, I’d go to the tapings that will be taking place tonight and tomorrow.

  3. The show was Awesome. As. Always.
    Money in the Bank is one of the pay per views I look forward to every year because no matter what the matches are interesting. Money in the Bank Ladder matches and the Royal Rumble have the unpredictability which makes them exciting. Even if the winner is obvious there’s so much more to a MITB match.
    Also last note Save Brad Maddox. I really believe it’s fake because of all the circumstances but man does he look bad! Hopefully he BOlieves and is ok….

    Remember guys, keep up the hard work and one day, you’ll be a champion, like Bo Dallas!!!

    From the Numba Two Mark

    • Oh and i’m hoping Chris makes his huge return at Markin Out 200 which will be early December…. maybe in time for the 4th annual MARKKYS

  4. Brandon and Gentleman, HUH, you saw the beat down I put on Sandow, HUH, You know how many times Rusev disrespected us, HUH, FIVE, HUH.
    Stand up for America, HUH, because Enough is enough and it’s time for a… HUH, wrong phrase, HUH….

  5. Hey guys, excellent podcast as usual this week. The show keeps getting funnier which I really enjoy! Keep the laughs coming!

    I dunno about you guys but I’ve been having a lot of trouble watching Raw recently. I just feel like the current product is good enough to have a 3 hour show every week. On to my question; Do you think Raw would benefit from going back to being a 2 hour show with occasional supershows which could stay at 3 hours. Interested on hearing what you guys think.

    Thanks again for the awesome podcast!

    The #1 mark


  6. Hey guys great episode this week! just wanted to get your thoughts if you watched ROH’s first PPV this past Sunday? cant recall if you guys talked about it last week. im not an independent guy whats so ever but I ended up ordering the replay not knowing what to expect. only guys I recognized was matt hardy and bad influence. the match that really blew me away was the Briscoes vs Hardy and Michael Bennett. for some reason wasn’t able to watch main event my ustream order cut it off. to the Brad Maddox thing hes doing, its all a work. how else would he be able to upload those vids…..
    looking forward to hear what you all say thanks again

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