Markin’ Out Episode #178

DixieMessageThis week we go over WWE Money in the Bank, Raw, returns, surprises and NYWC!

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #178

  1. 5!! 5!! 5!! Hey marks, sorry I forgot to comment I was waving the US flag all week long because I’m the all American Langston. Brandon I’ve called you 3 times but this Sunday we have plans to go dancing with Fandango and Layla. please don’t forgot.

    now it’s time for 5 degrees of E
    1- The Drycleaners lost my Iowa Hawkeyes singlet
    2- Rusev and his sweaty forehead
    3- Brandon I showed the podcast to Vince and then I lost the IC title
    4- Curtis Axel for stealing my singlet
    5- WWE has instituted a strict no kielbasa policy and have added it to the wellness policy
    Bonus- I was Emma’s get away driver but I got distracted texting Brandon


  2. So I was listening to the episode as I commented and really Dave, my spear through the ropes is not getting old. it’s the most devestating move in all of pro wrestling. Dave you have made an enemy for life

  3. hey guy great podcast this week I would first just like to ask whatever happened to ringside reactions. also I would just like to throw out a power rangers fun fact and say that the white rangers costume was actually part of a different season in Japan thanks again follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  4. Empathy is when you can relate to or share another’s feelings. They don’t necessarily have to be sad.
    Sympathy is when you feel pity or sorrow for someone.

    Still waiting on that invite to make s’mores, Brandon!!

    Have a great week you guys!
    – Alley @thealleycat1122 the number 3.1415926535… mark. (because apparently we can have numbers now?)

  5. Hey guys the podcast from Awesome as always (Copyright to Brandon)
    It’s been amazing how far its come since the at the time billed “longest episode in Markin Out history” episode 45, my first episode after Chris handed me a flyer at a Daniel Bryan signing. REGARDLESS, that’s one, I have to give Dave and Brandon credit for carrying this podcast for so long by themselves.
    One question; where do you think Kurt Angle’s legacy with the WWE and professional wrestling stands as opposed to Stone Cold, the Rock and Triple h?

    Thanks guys from the Numba two Mark,
    By the way I told some random guy I saw in a wrestling shirt in London to listen to Markin Out but I’m not sure it worked lol

  6. Hey you guys! Great episode as always. Dave dying of laughter was hilarious. It was even more hilarious when Brandon and Jason joined in.

    Also, doesn’t Bull Dempsey remind you of Rhino a bit? Not really in his moves, but in his looks. In my opinion, he kind of looks like him from far away.

    Anyway, thanks again for the always entertaining podcast episodes! Can’t wait to hear more.


  7. Hey guys, amazing show (as per usual)

    I wanted to ask if you would enjoy a feud between Sting and Brock Lesnar? This hasn’t been rumoured or anything, I just thought it could add to Lesnar’s ‘streak’ of victories over legends (Maybe he should be called the Legend Killer and not Randy Orton :P)

    Although considering Sting’s age i’m not sure how he’d do in the ring vs the beast?

    Kind Regards and wishing you a great week,

    Ben H

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