Markin’ Out Episode #182

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6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #182

  1. great podcast as always, if your wondering i did respond to jason on twitter saying that i will be at hotter then hell with brand new signs supporting ultimo maya and the greatest man that ever lived brian vitko.

    follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  2. Hey guys! As always, I can’t say enough good things about Markin’ Out. Keeps me laughing and enjoying my long commutes.

    A lot going on right now (in my opinion) but some of things I wanted to touch on were:

    1)With Fergill Devitt coming to WWE, will he end up becoming Prince or keeping his real name? What do you think we can expect from him/how long does he stay in NXT with Kenta before they’re called up?

    2)What are your thoughts on the comments by Paul Heyman in regards to Punk never lacing up boots again and if he did come back to WWE, he would be ashamed of his work. I know it’s a topic that has been beaten to death but, have we seen the last of Punk in any sort of wrestling company?

    Thanks guys! Don’t forget NYWC later this month. Glad to hear Sign Guy is gonna be attending. I won’t… but you already know that.

    @JLinnick on Twitter

    PS- I can’t be the only one who wants a new Markin’ Out shirt whether it says “Regardless” with your logo or the logo on the front with “All fisting, No Fury” on the back for Brandon’s summer concert series. Thoughts on a new shirt?

  3. Thank you Brandon & _____ for recording the podcast this week. I apologize for being unable to record, but it’s finals week. I have some questions though. I know you’ll have a great episode.
    1) With SmackDown rumored to be moving to Thursday nights, do you think it’ll be one of the final nails in the coffin for TNA? Read that they were moving people up at it’s last Manhattan Center event & even giving away tickets outside. Also read that TNA signed with United Talent Agency, so whatever TV deal is now cut, TNA must give 15% of that deal to the agency. This all means less profit in what could have been a big money maker. If you were in charge of TNA how would you “save” it or at least prevent having to shut down? I can’t see Dixie Carter reducing her product to a ROH or DGUSA/Evolve level. Would you reduce merchandise production? Switch to local television or a internet only show similar to how WWENXT on Hulu?

    2) The image that they released of John Cena in WWE2K15 looks so realistic. With these graphics, which WWE Superstar’s entrance are you most excited to see during the roster reveal?

  4. Hey guys! You guys put out another awesome episode this week. Thanks so much for that.

    I thought I sent in a question last week, but I guess that it either didn’t go through or I was so tired that I didn’t actually press “Post”. I think it was about how Del Rio’s music had been changing from the one he had at first to the second one which sounded similar but started with the beating of drums. I wanted to know what you guys thought about that.

    I also wanted to hear your thoughts on some rumors going around that Smackdown may be moved to Thursday nights. I don’t know if they’re true or not, but either way I wanted to know what you guys think would happen if it was actually moved. I kind of like NXT on Thursdays so it’d be pretty weird I guess.

    Thanks again the amazing online listening experience. I look forward to hearing more!


    • Well this is strange. I just posted this and just seconds later, I learn that Del Rio is released because of “unprofessional conduct” and an apparent altercation he had with an employee. That really sucks 🙁

  5. Dave owns the entire “markin out” community an apology for stating that “cena is one of the bettet wrestlers on the roster”. I demand a public apology and money towards wwe 2k15. Oh, del rio getting fired was best for business.. next lets get rid of sheamus, ryback, big show, kane and mark henry. Im sure I can keep naming off names, but I have weights to lift. Get big and keep shooting the roids!

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