Markin’ Out Episode #173

We give you our predictions for WWE Payback and we go over SmackDown, Raw and NXT Takeover. Also hear what’s happening on the local indys this week.

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #173

  1. First of all, great photo for the episode…as always. As far as RAW this evening goes – that was awesome. If Punk isn’t coming back as a top heel then who better than Rollins? Goodbye #bluetista. Until next week this is some short feedback. Later fellow Marks.

  2. Now that CM Punk didn’t come back at Payback and it came out in an article that he considers himself “retired”, will fans finally stop chanting for him? I was a big CM Punk fan and I still wear his shirts and enjoy his DVD & matches but, isn’t it time to accept that he isn’t coming back?

    One other note, I didn’t catch Payback live but I did watch it back and I see what you’re saying about RVD. He seems hesitant about everything! I think we all had to know that his pace would slow down with time but, this is a bit ridiculous.

    Keep up the good work!


    @JLinnick on Twitter

  3. Hey guys awesome show as usual and omg the raw ending. why Seth why? Excited for raw this week


    PS Big E is still recovering from his brutal match with Rusev so he could not comment. but he did say he wore his Star-Spangled Banner singlet for you Brandon

  4. Hey guys, another great show this week

    I was surprised how much Brandon seemed to know about the habs but I’m sorry to say he made a mistake many people make!

    The H on the habs jersey stands for… wait for it… hockey!

    The canadiens official name in french is Club de Hockey Canadiens(canadiens hockey club) so the logo is a C with a little H and now you know.

    But wait? Why do we say go habs go? Brandon you were kind of right. Habs is the abbriviated version of Habitants. (Said like ha-bee-tuh)

    The confusion about what the H means caused by one time MSG owner Tex Rickard claimed that the H stood for Habitant.

    Which you both now know isn’t the case!

  5. hey guys I guess I sent in my question last week too late but I’ll ask it again…now that we know Daniel Bryan won’t give up to title and Stephanie put him in a match vs Kane at MITB, or if he can’t compete the title will be in the MITB ladder match. do you like this idea or do you think he should have been striped weeks ago and award to someone or have a match for it? Also looking forward to seeing where they go with Evolution and Shield now that Rollins had alined himself with HHH and Orton…..I’ll be attending Raw in Minneapolis!

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