Markin’ Out Episode #177

Whoops…We did it again. This is now our longest show ever and we cover it all!

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #177

  1. Hey guys another awesome podcast as always, now that I passed all my classes and regent tests i can finally relax and enjoy summer. Me and Big E will be commenting again and from what he told me, He has some big plans for you Brandon

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  2. awesome podcast as always i would just like to comment on how nywc was it was an awesome event with a ton of surprises like the juicy product winning the tag team titles and the ref turning on kip and join vitkos faction in conclusion if your a wrestling fan and you live on long island definatly check out nywc

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  3. Hey guys! Another awesome podcast this week and unlike Raw recently(though this week was better) you guys definitely have what it takes to keep doing these 3 hour shows!

    I just wanted to know how Brandon felt about Dixie Carter actually seeing the video I posted of his ringtone and also, how does it feel to be famous lol

    Keep up the great work guys and thanks again for the ringtone Brandon, it makes me laugh more than ever now.

    the #1 mark @MtlBroski

    PS: If she does actually record a new ringtone for me I’ll send you guys the mp3.

  4. What’s up guys? I loved the episode this week. You guys get better and better.

    I just wanted to know what you guys think about the whole Emma situation. I can’t believe they released and then reinstated her in one day. I was actually kind of shocked when they released her and I also felt pretty bad for her as well. So anyway, what do you guys think?

    Thanks again for all that you do! You guys kick major ass.


  5. Hey guys! What a week for WWE. I really enjoyed MITB and Raw was just as entertaining. 3 returns, new divas champion, and the Emma situation. I was going to comment this week regarding Jack Swagger going back to being the All American American gimmick and facing Rusev, however WWE be me to it. Loved that segment and finally there’s a “real” USA chant that can get over with The Real Americans. That was my mark out moment for the week. I only hope they can do something special with these 2…..thinking outside the box if they get to Summer Slam, Swagger vs Rusev flag on a pole match! Very old school.
    Have a good 4th and 3 day weekend!

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