Markin’ Out Episode #174

MarkinOut174In what we believe is our longest episode ever, hear about the fallout from WWE Payback, Raw and other exciting things!

5 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #174

  1. Hey Guys now that it’s summer I’m back and ready to comment on every Markin Out again! Awesome show as always, definitely the longest! It’s close to 200 which is crazy because I started at episode 50. Who do you think will be more successful, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, or Tyler Breeze?

    The returning NUMBA TWO MARK

    Ps. BOlieve and all your dreams will come true, like the LA Kings
    (Sorry if that one hurt)

  2. Hey guys! Great show as always. Sorry for not commenting the last couple of episodes. Don’t worry, I’m still thoroughly enjoying your podcast episodes each week. Thanks for wishing me luck once again on my finals. I am happy to say that I’ve passed all my classes with good grades so I am ready to enjoy the summer. I look forward to listening to your podcast during beach trips!

    So, how awesome was Dean Ambrose’s promo this past Monday on Raw? It’s really fun to watch and listen as he shows this really demented and sort of unstable character that just makes you go ‘Wow this guys is nuts but it’s just so awesome!’ Also, how long do you think Damien Sandow will be playing all these different characters and personalities?

    Thanks again for the always entertaining podcast episodes. You guys are awesome!


  3. 1) “I quit” is in reference to the movie “That Thing You Do” It’s a great movie & I hope I’m not the only one who appreciated Brandon’s subtle references. Another great Tom Hanks movie would definitely have to be “Catch Me If You Can”

    2) I guess I’m the first person to comment about WWE going on a house cleaning rampage. As of this comment, the list is up to 10! Who surprises you the most as being released? To me it would have to be Drew McIntyre and Mahal but, more about McIntyre for me. I thought he had a lot of potential and was stuck in a rut with the 3MB gimmick.

    Thanks guys!


  4. Hello marks and markettes! 😛

    Well what a week for WWE….. So many releases and the Shield storyline….. Now with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal gone, do you think that Heath Slater will be released? Personally I think he will be, his daughter was born this week so I assume he’ll be off screen to bond with her, and then when you get back you have no more goofy antics in 3MB. MAYBE the fans will appreciate him more now and cheer for him after his friends have gone, but I doubt it.

    Anyways, have a nice week and keep up the awesome podcast.

    Kind Regards,

    P.s Please like my meme page That’s not “Best For Business” *pop* 😛

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