Markin’ Out Episode #179

MarkinOut179Dun dun dun dun…Look into the sky, look to the sun. The star that burned bright has returned for some fun!

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #179

    My biggest pop since The Shield debut…. still at the first minute so ill comment again later, but Chris you’ll unretire.
    Oh and Chris that was me who tweeted at you…

  2. Hey guys! Thanks for another kickass episode of the podcast. It was really nice to hear Chris come back to do some of the podcast with you guys so thank you Chris!

    I liked what you guys were saying about Eva Marie and how she uses things like blowing kisses to get to the audience and I agree. I started to wonder about how using her as a valet would work out and I wanted to ask you who you would want to see her manage.

    Thanks again for what you do and keep up the excellent work!


  3. 5! 5! 5! 5! Sup marks, It’s time for 5 degrees of E

    1- Cesaro, tried to use a chair on me but my friend Kofi Kingston stopped him
    2- Jack Swagger stealing my flag gimmick
    3- MaureenS kitchen ran out of kielbasa for my omelette
    4- Brandon for no showing me for our tango party
    5- Chris, cool to hear you again

    later marks

  4. Great podcast once again guys.
    Just wondering if I’m the only one who almost enjoys NXT more than Raw? Raw hasn’t been bad, despite being predictable. Hopefully Dean Ambrose gets a major push in the upcoming months.
    Do you think that Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady could be a legitimate main roster tag team?

    Finally I believe the mark ranking starts kinda like this:
    1st: Brandon, the number one Brandon Mark
    2nd: MtlBroski, the number one mark
    3rd: Me, Andrew F, the NUMBA two mark
    and more after that, and i know it makes no sense the way its ranked but thats just what Railroad Rudy has up on his website

    Cant wait for the next episode as the countdown to 200 hits 20!!!

    • Follow up, Brandon I actually like CJ Parker’s new theme, and his video is perfect

  5. Hey!! What was your favorite person in wrestling that you’ve ever met!


    PS I’m horny

  6. Hello Brandon, Dave and any possible guests!

    Thank you for reading my fantasy booking out last week – Was great to hear your ideas. I thought I’d bring up another fantasy match of mine and maybe get your opinion?

    I always liked the idea of a HHH vs Shane McMahon match. The set up being HHH has taken over WWE, overthrowing the McMahons. So in the darkest moment when all hope is lost, suddenly Shane’s music hits and he comes back and attacks HHH (sort of like how he did with Randy Orton)

    Looking forward to hearing your response and wishing you a great week,

    Ben 🙂

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