Markin’ Out Episode #132



Full WWE SummerSlam predictions, a lot of indy wrestling talk and TNA…

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #132

  1. That intro was frikkin’ hilarious! Whoever edited that has great timing. I have to listen to that again.

  2. Agreed, that intro was amazing.

    As far people challenging my number 1 mark status, book the match and watch these so called marks fall by the wayside, brother! That promo was funny though, well done.

    Awesome show guys! Summerslam should be a pretty good ppv though I have a terrible feeling that Daniel Bryan will win only to have Randy Orton cash in his MitB and ruin my night.

    Also, what the hell happened to Zack Ryder 🙁


  3. Awesome show as always. Sorry my typing sucks and is sometimes hard to read but thanks for entertaining me every week. Also shout out to Paul Lyold Jr. Follow me @awesome256

  4. Hey guys, glad to have the whole crew back but Brandon did a good job on his lonesome last week. Even though it seemed like my comment read on that episode proved to be correct and I’m sure a lot more people saw it coming, I still marked out huge for Bryan’s win and was heartbroken a minute later. Funny how wrestling has that effect on us marks haha keep up the good work guys, looking forward to this week’s show.


  5. Hey guys great show again. I agree that Randy Orton is boring but I think this will be his revival in the WWE. Also Cena and Sheamus’ injuries are a blessing in disguise for WWE, as it will force them to create new stars and will also leave room for some well deserved pushes. On Raw there were two moments I thought we would see the debut of El Generico, when Ricardo announced his new client and the Ole promo..
    Last point my favorite theme of all time is CM Punks This Fire Burns. it fit his personality so well at the time. Favorite current is Mark Henry.
    My question is who wins a major WWE Title first: Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Bray Wyatt or Curtis Axel? My pick is Axel however I want Ambrose to the most.
    Thanks Again

  6. beeeeeeeeroskies!!!

    Got a three part question coming your way!

    What is your current favorite finishing move?

    what is your favorite finisher of all time?

    and what would your finisher be if you were a pro wrestler(superstar?)?

    with love
    p.s. @darealphilquigg is no creep. YOU ARE THE CREEPS!

  7. A question gentlemen; I was wondering what other podcasts you guys might listen to. Wrestling related or not.

    Thanks! Keep up the amazing work broskis!


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