Markin’ Out Episode #137



Someone has done it already.. but seriously, We talk about WWE Night of Champions, Raw and touch on Impact, PWS and CZW

12 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #137

  1. (I forgot to say this last week so…) Is Dave going for Cena heat here? “I respect your right to dislike me and humbly salute you for expressing your opinion, sir”


    Your #5 Mark (there hasn’t been a #4 Mark yet but I’m not gonna flatter myself),
    RiC David @ViolentRiC

  2. Great show guys! Excellent stuff as always.

    Just a quick comment for that person asking about wrestling themes, I think the Wyatt’s theme music is amazing and is definitely one of my new favourites.

    Also love how you guys always quote Adam Sandler movies/CDs I always thought I was the only one who would understand what “respect l,m,n,o, they always go together” means

    I like how people are numbering their mark levels. As long as proper respect is show for the number 1 mark, MtlBroski, brother(of your fans we all know Brandon is the all time MarkinOut mark!)


  3. Great Episode guys, even though Dave was incredibly annoying this week. I mean even more than usual…. Anyways…

    I’ve got a couple of things for you. First, I’d like to follow up on the Triple H Top 10 debate. I feel that he is without a doubt in the Top 10. Not only has he been one of the best wrestlers of this generation, but he’s impacted WWE and pro wrestling so much when it comes to the business side of things. He’s one of the greatest ever, no doubt about it.

    Secondly, I’d wanted to get your opinions on which wrestlers/superstars from WWE could go to TNA, and make a HUGE impact (no pun intended)? Could a guy like Cena, or Punk go in there, and change the landscape of TNA, and actually bring in ratings, and if so, for how long could they hold that audience?

    And Finally, I’d like to know your pick for a superstar in WWE that is being completely misused, and if he or she went to TNA, would be a instant main eventer? (Someone that isn’t a main eventer in WWE currently)

    Thanks Guys, keep up the good work!


  4. Don’t worry, Dave we don’t all hate you(unless you in follow me on twitter lol)


  5. That was supposed to say unfollow. Auto correct messes with me once again. Regardless, that’s 1, Dave’s alright in my book.


  6. I completely agree with Dave about Dean Ambrose. I’ve been watching his HWA DVD and any matches/promos I can find. Do you guys see Ambrose breaking away from The Shield and/or the US title soon to go after the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship? Also, most people say that Seth Rollins is the best wrestler in The Shield but personally I think Ambrose is. You can tell that he really cares about the psychology of his matches and every move seems well thought out. What do you think?


  7. Awesome show as always guys, even though my comment was left off, (bam roasted to me according to Brandon, haha). Got some questions for you guys.
    1) What is your favorite debut of a WWE superstar? Do you think it’s better when they are hyped up and debut on a specific marked time or when they are a surprise debut?
    2) what was your favorite return ever and same thing, better hyped like the it begins promos or a surprise.
    3) last question, out of all the great independent talents, who so you think will be the first to win the WWE Championship
    Thanks again from the number 2 mark,

  8. I agree with Dave, Miz’s parents totally ruined that segment. I think they should have used plants

    The number 3 Mark

  9. Woah! An idea just popped into my head! What if eventually Punk needed a tag partner to fight Ryback and Axel in a tag match, so he brought in his old friend, Kassius Ohno?

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