Markin’ Out Episode #135



How can we write a description to this week’s pocast with a meme like this.

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #135

  1. Congratulations to chris and his wife on the arrivel of their new baby . As a farther of 2 I know you’ll love the journey . The Dave and Brandon episode was funny as hell . All hail the kings .

  2. Another great show guys(as always) and a big congratulations to Chris and his wife on the birth of their baby boy! Fantastic news, glad everything went well and all are healthy.

    Switching gears, we all know you guys love pro wrestling/sports entertainment now but what is it that initially made you guys fall in love with wrestling?

    Thanks again for the podcast and keep up the good work.


  3. Great show guys, the picture of the week is hilarious!
    P.S. Congratulations Chris!
    P.P.S. Is it just me or is Brandon’s Winnie the Pooh impression really creepy?

  4. I always listen to wrestling podcasts during free time in school, im glad to add yours to that list! keep up the good work! Also congrats Chris!


  5. Love the show guys! Listen every Saturday morning on my way to work. I’ve got two things for you.

    1. How do you guys think WWE can fix the World Heavyweight Title? I was thinking maybe a superstar having a long title reign, and beating meaningful opponents. What do you guys think?

    2. I like Chris, and LOVE Brandon. He cracks me up every freakin’ episode! The only problem I have is with Dave. He is so annoying, and never has anything good to say. He just slowly repeats the same phrases over and over again just to fill time. I’d love to see this show turn into a two man show with Brandon & Chris.

    Anyway, Love the show! I’ll continue to listen despite my hatred for Dave.

    LONG LIVE THE KING! The Kings of Kings!

  6. This is to Eron . You’ve got a nerve talking shit about Dave the rave, who all the ladies crave . Daves and brandons aurguments during the shows are amazing and his knowledge of all things womens wrestling is top knotch .

  7. Once again! Another great show and congrats to Chris and good luck to you and your wife. I went to the Shield signing and the line was pretty big, got there and hour early and waited an hour and they were nice guys. Also i feel like the Big Show economy angle is too similar to the HBK – JBL one. Ok on to my questions,
    1) Who do you think the next Paul Heyman guy will be who most likely will save him at Night Of Champions or will something else happen?
    2) Do you think that Cody will stay face or turn heel when returning?
    3) Could you see Paul Heyman eventually in the WWE Hall of Fame?
    Thanks again the NUMBER 2 MARK!!!

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