Markin’ Out Episode #129



#AskDixie…enough said!

9 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #129

  1. I’m not done listening yet but I just wanted to say that Brandons pinnochio joke was probably the best thing I’ve heard in awhile, so terrible it was awesome!

    You, sick, sick bastard, well played!


    PS: How great is Brandons laugh? Gets me everytime

  2. Awesome show! you never fail to put on an entertaining podcast, from your friend Mike Litoris

  3. Love the podcast, this is only the 4th one I’ve listened to and they all were great

  4. By the way, what do you think it’s more likely: John Cena returning as the doctor of thuganomics character or Zack Ryder winning the WWE Title

  5. I think Randy Orton will cash in on Daniel Bryan after he beats Cena and Bryan will “follow the buzzards” and join the Wyatts

  6. how would you guys feel if stone cold steve austin actually did come back and main event wrestlemania? If he wasnt able to wrestle punk(like all the newz and fan sitez have been speculating) who would you rather see him wrestle?

  7. Just listened to markin out 129. Another great episode. Dave & Brandon need to step it up though. Chris Sweeney is #thewholefuckingshowwholefuckingshowwholefuckingshow
    thanks for the b-day wishes

    Love the # 1 Mark
    Phil Quigg

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