Markin’ Out Episode #122



Quite possibly the longest recap of TNA ever as we talk about Slammiversary and Impact as well as the week that was in the WWE.

3 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #122

  1. I really enjoyed this week’s show. I like when you go down the PPV results.

  2. Hey so the player stopped halfway through talking about RAW and wouldn’t work for me afterwards so I don’t know if you guys talked about this:

    Do you guys feel that WWE should keep General Managers or get rid of that concept altogether?
    Vickie & Maddox haven’t been on screen in weeks. On Smackdown, it seemed like there was some tension between Booker T and Teddy Long building for a bit but then it got dropped. And now with the McMahons coming on television making “Executive decisions” how are fans supposed to take the GM role seriously? Do any of you think this could possibly lead up to a longer storyline where its HHH v. McMahons for control of the company/a brand?

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