Markin’ Out Episode #134



Uh oh – Wolf Pack Players are here again. Oops we did it again.

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #134

  1. Because of my “iron clad” contract I can leave a comment whenever a please. I just wanted to make my claim as the #3 mark. In all seriousness last weeks “rant” podcast was awesome and so was this weeks. Thanks for helping me through a 19 hour drive an the podcast was awesome as always. Follow me @awesome256 and arooooooo

  2. Great show last week as always! Gustavo is actually my middle name, and I’m from Pennsylvania lol I’m curious to your opinions about Randy Ortons evolution(ha) as a character throughout his career. Thanks!

    ” (Of course it’ll be held out longer when actually said out loud)

  4. Great show by the Wolf Pack in this one. Brandon your imitation of Dave is spot on and I crack up every time. Question: what was each of your favorite match you saw live on the Indies and also in WWE? Also what TNA talent that has never wrestled for WWE would do like to see most in WWE.
    Thanks again, the #2 Mark

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