Markin’ Out Episode #131

Cena MakeunderJustin.┬áThis week…Was very interesting. I guess you can say #SorryNotSorry. But we’ll see. Gabriel.

10 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #131

  1. I do believe that Cody Rhodes will not sign the contact then will lead into Damien sandow vs Cody rhodes beard vs mustache loser shaves it off oh yeah and money in the bank contract on the line

  2. That was awesome that Railroad Rudy sung Dust in the Wind!!! Btw Railroad Rudy is undefeated in my WWE13 universe. What if Justin Gabriel was in Michaels vs Hart when the Screwjob happened? Regardless (Insert #) Follow me on Twitter @awesome256

  3. Well you know something, Montreal Broski? It’s not about how long you’ve been listening, it’s about how big of a Markimaniac you are, brother! You see there’s a new craze in town and it’s called Markimania, dude, and there’s no bigger Maniac than Mr. Amarkia, brother, so I’ll see you at WrestleMania, jack.

  4. Awesome episode, Brandon did an awesome job. He posted it a little early for me so I got to listen to it on my plane ride to Florida! Wanted to know if any of you are going to the Shield signing in September. At the Daniel Bryan one last year some guy named Chris handed me this flyer with this podcast called Markin Out….. Guess it worked

  5. Four part question broskies!!!

    who do you guys think has the best entrance music right now?
    who has the best entrance from the past?
    if you could change anyones music right now who and what song would you chnage it to?
    what would your entrance music be if you were a professional wrestler?(if you had the choice that is)

  6. I have to say that I laughed picturing Chris and Dave’s faces every time Brandon said Justin Gabriel.

  7. Brandon deserves a ton of props (that’s how props are measured) for being the One Man Band (bay-bay!) of this episode and still deliverying an entertaining show. What I enjoy most about Markin Out is the banter but Brandon’s charm and humour made up for that.

    By the way, Oliver Klosov is a hilarious name.

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