Markin’ Out Episode #198

There are two weeks left before Markin’ Out 200 and we have Survivor Series predictions!

6 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #198

  1. About Kevin Steen(Owens), do you see any possibilities of him using the Package Piledriver?
    I think it could happen seeing that the Package Piledriver is not only the safest piledriver, but one of the safest wrestling moves. I can see Triple H trying to convince Vince to let him use the move. If not, what move do you see him using?

  2. hey guys great podcast last week I would like to know now that sting is finally in wwe who would you like to be his first opponent. also with Kevin Owens finally making his debut do u think there will ever be a chance of him tagging with zayn?

    thx guys follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  3. whats up guys! been away from the comment box for awhile but I’m here this week. only things to talk about Surivor Series is Damien MizDow and Sting, rest of the ppv was really lackluster. Wyatt/Ambrose was a big let down from where they started at hell in a cell. Monday night Raw however I really enjoyed. Bryan was a big surprise but deserved to come out and get in their faces of The Authority. That was awesome. Also Tyson Kidd was fun to watch at SS and Raw. good to see his character from NXT onto Raw. I’m sure you’ll talk about it later but really, anonymous Raw GM returns??? hopefully it isn’t dragged out too long and isn’t Hornswoggle. that’s it for me, hope you had a happy turkey day

  4. Hey guys! I’d like to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for you guys and the great shows you put out every single week. Keep at it!

    This week, I’m very curious to know what your thoughts were about the Survivor Series PPV.

    Thanks again for everything. And holy crap, the 200th episode is near!


  5. Hey Guys,

    Stayed silent the past week as this season gets busy for me, but as always I stay up to date with the show. Hope your Thanksgiving went well!

    Two episodes away from 200 and I am still trying to think of what to send in to you guys, but will make sure to think of something soon.

    A few questions for you this week, but feel free to skip by them if you plan to cover them later…

    1st, with Sting making his return at the PPV, but completely nonexistent on Raw, do you feel like his debut was rushed for the “free” Survivor Series? Where do you see his booking going forward?

    2nd, how do you think Finn Balor will be pushed upon his debut to the main roster? Dirt sheets have said he wont be forced to stay in NXT for long (although dirt sheets aren’t necessarily trustworthy), but can you see them pushing him to the top? If so, how? Or do you feel it will be more of a slow build?

    3rd…mutha fu***n Ziggler! An excellent showing from the Show Off proved once again that the crowd is 100% behind this guy purely for his skills in the ring, and the WWE allowed that to shine in the elimination match, but what’s next? Is this another one off Ziggler spotlight, or could we see a greater build in progress?

    As always, thanks for the shout outs, but as the turkey day tryptophan kicks in…this mark is signing out.

  6. Hey guys, hope you had a great thanksgiving. watching the seconded Kevin Owens video got me so hyped for his debut. do you guys think he will be allowed to use the package piledriver? also I can’t wait to hear your take on the CM Punk interview.

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