Markin’ Out Episode #184

We give our SummerSlam predictions, cover WWE SmackDown and Raw, and cover NYWC.

4 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #184

  1. Hey Guys its me its me the … Eh I got nothing , I just want to say thanks for making my year by saying my name on your Podcast guys it means the world to me , my Question is Will we ever see the Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder dream match at mania … From your Number 1 South african mark KEVIN PRETORIUS ( ps you guys said my name right it was soo awesome )

  2. Brock Lesnar as a part time CHAMPION is the best thing to happen to the business for a long while. With a champion that defends on certain occasions will bring a realism to this new reality era, just like in boxing and UFC.

    With Brock out of the way the IC, tag and US belts can be pushed more and take centre stage.

  3. Hey Marks!
    Hope you guys had a great week, glad to hear Brandon’s laptop has been fixed and glad to see Dave back from his injury. 🙂

    I’d also like to thank you for reading out my question! Speaking of questions, do you guys think you’ll watch Paul Heyman’s documentary?

    Have a great week,

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for another great show this week. It’s great to have Dave back.

    My nephew (he’s sixteen) was recently telling me that he’s started watching WWE again because it has grabbed his attention once again. He has also been telling me about how he has been enjoying NXT and while he’s not too familiar with it, he says he likes it so far. I recommended that he watch the Sami Zayn vs Cesaro 2 out of 3 falls matches. Now, if you guys were to recommend to someone who isn’t really familiar with NXT but is sort of into WWE, what NXT match or superstars would you recommend?

    Thanks again for doing what you do. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on SummerSlam.


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