Markin’ Out Episode #183

OneYearLaterDave’s not here man, but we hop on a magic carpet and try to escape the Cave of Wonders.

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  1. Hey guys great show as always , thank you for talking about GFW and WWP ( the biggest pro wrestling company based in my home count ) WWP had huge stars in the passed like adam rose , justin gabriel and zizou middoux ( ROH academy ) , my Question is Did one of you ever watch south african wrestling and do you guys know of some of the wrestlers …. Love the show and keep up the good work from your biggest south african mark Kevin Pretorius

  2. What’s up guys! It’s been a while but I’ve still been sitting back listening to your awesome podcasts. I’m pretty sure Raw after Battelground I called the Flag match for SummerSlam. Anyways I have a couple things to comment about regarding your comments from past Raws. The Cena Lesnar video package was great. Your not going to get Cena and Lesnar bantering back and forth, sit down interviews was a good choice. You know what your going to get out of these two and that is a fight and there doesn’t have to be a huge story behind it.
    The whole reasoning for having Stephanie and Brie ending Raw for the past couple weeks was that is the only “story” they can really build apon. Rollins Ambrose story really died down after Battleground and Orton Reigns doesn’t have much of a story behind it. It was a change of pace and I enjoyed it…..also Steph’s pedigrees were amazing.
    This weeks Raw was pretty good and you finally had the exchange between Lesnar/Heyman and Cena promos. I’ll end it with saying my mark out moment was not only when Hall and Nash came out for Hogans birthday celebration but when they cut their classic survey question and got Hogan to throw on the NWO colors. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, here are my predictions for SummerSlam….Miz, Swagger, AJ, Wyatt, Reigns, Ambrose, Brie, Lesnar

  3. (justin)
    Great job guys covering for Dave in the wake of his unfortunate accident. Such a shame they had to remove it…
    Well just want to ask a question regarding tag teams in WWE. In my opinion WWE is starting to rebuild the tag team division. I sort of like Rybaxel, they do a good job of being an average heel tag team with potential. They also have some good tag teams in the making of NXT, The Ascension, Kalisto and Sin Cara, The Vaudevillians, Big Cass and Enzo Amore and the thrown together Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley. On the side now with the signings of Devitt, Steen and Kenta NXT may be better than Raw…
    Wanna get your opinions on tag team wrestling
    From the Numba Two Mark,

  4. Hey what’s up guys? Brandon and Mike did a wonderful job this week on the podcast so thanks a lot for that.

    I was just reading news about Impact Wrestling moving to Wednesdays. They say that it will give fans the chance to enjoy other sports programming during the week. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this recent news. Lots of people are saying that this is their reaction to WWE moving Smackdown to Thursdays, something that hasn’t been confirmed yet. It’s still a rumor.

    Thanks again for kicking ass week after week. It is greatly appreciated!


  5. hey guys awesome show like always but I was wondering if you guys think if Brock Lesner will vacant the wwe championship the next night on Raw then they could have a tournament at Night of Champions if he beats John Cena at SummerSlam so tell me what you think thanks. @RealAJBond

  6. Hello guys!

    Thank you for a great show last week, was very entertaining to listen to. I only hope Brandon has recovered from his injuries, I mean to be honest he shouldn’t have been ‘dicking’ around. 😛

    My question this week is who you’d like to see brought up to the main roster next from NXT? Personally, I’d love to see Kalisto come up with Sin Cara, they’re so innovative and refreshing, and with the crowd being behind the two with their chant, I feel they wouldn’t have the curse of being watered down by being brought up.

    Hope you guys have a great week,


    @NotBestForBiz ;D

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