Markin’ Out Episode #185

Is there a new era of wrestling?

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #185

  1. sorry i didn’t comment last week but i would just like to say how dare the security at nywc attack the almighty vitko and now dare the security mock my zubaz. i hope that there is more join vitko in nywc and that people realize how great he really is. #allhailvitko

    thx guys follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  2. Hey guys, back to comment this week.
    First off regarding Paul Heyman; him and Edge appeared on an episode of Jericho’s podcast and it was amazing. Paul talked about how he was a photographer at a night club and it led to him getting into the wrestling business.
    really just have a few overall points:

    1) I have liked Ryback more and more every time he appeared on TV, and I think he still has a chance to be a star.
    2) NXT keeps getting better in my opinion, except for Mojo Rawley.
    3) I’m interested to see how they go about using Lesnar up until Wrestlemania. Can you see him getting so out of control the authority almost turns face and uses someone who’s beaten all of their guys to take him out.
    thanks for the awesome podcast as the road to 200 is winding down!!
    from the numba two mark,

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