Markin’ Out Episode #166

WarriorRIPThis week we remember Ultimate Warrior and cover WWE WrestleMania and Raw.

2 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #166

  1. So….whats your guys thoughts on Bo Dallas. Im a huge fan. His in ring work reminds me of late 80s jake the snake with a touch more cowardice. Wanted to hear your guys thoughts on him and what kind of impact he will make on the main roster…and do you think it helps that Bray is his brother.

  2. Hey guys great episode! I know you covered Mania last week but forgot to comment. I was there live and that was my 5th in a row, and in my opinion it was the best one I’ve attended and the best in a long time. It was a true roller coaster ride in the Silverdome. I’m one I those ppl that is glad the streak is over and that is why I started attending wrestlemanias to see the streak end. But I’ve got to be honest and I didn’t think Brock was going to win. I was sitting in my seat after he hit the 3rd F5 and was thinking he'”ll kick out….anyways I’m really looking forward to seeing these NXT talent start to make its way up to the main roster. Keep up the good work

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