Markin’ Out Episode #165


It’s the go home show to WRESTLEMANIA! We discuss WWE and all the independent stuff coming up!

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #165

  1. Hey guys, loved the podcast, especially the run through of RAW and predictions, very entertaining. Loved the Fiddler on the roof reference by the way, and yes; Us Jews are big softy’s when it comes to family. All the best! 😀

  2. Hey guys, first off let me apologize for my lack of comments. I always listened to the podcast but I got caught up with school work and couldn’t comment in time. But like part timers I’m back for wrestlemania

    Keep up the amazing work

  3. 5!5!5! What’s up marks. I’m sorry I haven’t commented, I have been busy with being the best worker in WWE. I’m going to win the battle royal and we will celebrate

  4. Hey what’s up, guys? I loved the podcast this week. Thanks so much for that.

    All I’ve got to say about tonight’s RAW is WOW. Just WOW. I’m also wondering what you guys think about Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion Global Force Wrestling. What do you guys expect from it and from Jarrett?

    I’m excited to hear your thoughts on Mania and the Raw show that followed!

    Thanks again!


  5. Where do I even begin?! I’m sure like the rest of the WWE fans I am still kind of mind blown from everything that has gone down. Let me just list a few key points I feel are worth mentioning rather than a huge comment that takes half the episode to read:

    -Wrestlemania was a solid show overall. As Dave & I discussed via Facebook, Undertaker losing and The Shield match being so short seem to be the only drawbacks. Crowd seemed to die after “the streak” broke and I feel like the Daniel Bryan victory didn’t get the big reaction it could have.

    -Glad to see some NXT stars finally begin called up! I know I’ve mentioned it in the comments section before what a big supporter of Paige I am, and how glad that not only did she get called up but she’s the new Divas Champion! (spoilers just incase)

    -At this point, I don’t think CM Punk is ever coming back. Wrestlemania was the proverbial final nail in the coffin. I am willing to wager that Sting shows up before he does.

    I’ve got plenty more to say but, I know you’ll hit on all of it. Thanks as always for keeping me and all the other fans entertained!

    @JLinnick on Twitter

    @B2TG161- Gone but never forgotten

  6. Wrestlemania xXx was a solid PPV, the streaks end was a huge surprise but nothing to get butthurt over, the beast killed it as well as breaking fans hearts but its the reality era so deal with it. as for DB becoming champ, i’m proud of him and his accomplishments on the chase for gold during the RTWM. as for RAW, my god was that crowd insane, best raw you can ever watch since its the raw after mania, id say much more but i’m saving it for my podcast later tonight. but both shows get a 5 star all together for the top notch performance they put out there plus the shocks/surprises/swerves…. oh yeah did i say that PAIGE is the divas champ, i hope she destroys it and brings back the womens title but that’d be asking for too much.

  7. What’s up guys,After two days of thinking about the streak being broken, I think that was whats best for business.Although, a not so good match they made us all believe that brock would defiantly lose at wrestlemania. The weeks building up made brock look super weak only to have the mind blow of all the fans. Who else got more heat than brock lensnar at wrestlemania,that was perfect way to get brock heat.

    Thanks again

  8. I know I already left a comment but I felt the need to comeback and say something else.

    As we all know, Ultimate Warrior passed away this week. I laid awake in the early morning hours of Wednesday just trying to process what had happened. Which brings me to wanting to send a thank you to Dave. He and I sat online together and just talked. Trying to make sense of the tragedy that had just occurred. Social media and the entire wrestling community seemed grief-stricken together, and in that moment we all became closer. Knowing we had just seen Warrior and got to celebrate his legacy in one unforgettable weekend, only to have that be but a distant memory has been a tough pill to swallow.

    Even now, I find myself watching back old matches and promos to relive my childhood. Fans can argue all they want about “The Streak” being the death of their childhood but, the death of Ultimate Warrior has truly left a hole in my heart.

    I know you guys will talk about this but, I wanted to air some of my grief here. Thanks again for all that you do.


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