Markin’ Out Episode #167

EBOlutionBOlieve in Markin’ Out. We Cover SmackDown! and Raw as well as everything going on this week with indy wrestling.

4 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #167

  1. Nice show this week! Really enjoyed it. Question for whoever wishes to answer it; Who do you play the most as on WWE2k14?

  2. Hey what’s up you guys? Thanks for another awesome episode of this podcast. It’s very much appreciated.

    This question goes out to Brandon, but Dave can answer as well. I see that Brandon loves attending concerts and I think that’s pretty awesome. I’d like to ask what your favorite concert has been so far? Again, Dave can answer as well. I’d like to hear what your favorites have been.

    I’d also like to say that I really hope Renee doesn’t leave to go to ESPN. It’s a great opportunity, of course, but she’s been absolutely amazing in WWE and it’d be sad to see her go.

    Anyway thanks again guys for the entertainment every week. You’re too great!


  3. Hey-Yo.
    Your podcasts just keep getting better and better every week. Thanks for all the entertainment.

    My question for you this week is about Matt Striker. How did you feel about his run in WWE? I felt like he was great on the mic, didn’t talk down to the audience like they were a bunch of morons, and could still be a great replacement *that is needed* at the announce table (alongside Renee of course). You may have touched on this last year, but now that some time has passed by, how do you feel?

    Thanks guys.

  4. Hey guys! I see my name got auto corrected last week some how. My wrestlemania week would usually consist of attending 1-2 axxess events, but after the 3rd year it seemed repetitive having the same attractions so the past 2 years I haven’t attended any. Like Brandon said its kind of funny meeting a wrestler for free one year and see him getting a VIP the following year. I met D Bry at 28 for free and am lucky to have cause this year he was VIP and I’m sure he will be now for the next few years. The reason why I love attending wrestlemania is the atmosphere. There’s nothing like it. I highly recommend going to at least one if anyone hasn’t. Make a vacation out of it. My question this week is how far do you see the feud of Evolution and the Shield go?

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