Markin’ Out Episode #156

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Our 3 year anniversary is jam packed with our review of the Royal Rumble, WWE Raw, NYWC Sideshow, andĀ Eh-mpact Wrestling.

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #156

  1. Hey guys! Amazing episode as always. Sadly, Dixie Carter didn’t make an appearance on this episode. She was probably rehearsing her god awful promos. Anyways…

    First, I wanted to touch on the debate that you guys had about CM Punk. I agree with Dave on this one (which has been happening a lot these days), where there is a difference between being burnt out or wanting a vacation, and just walking out on the company hours before RAW, and leaving the company hanging. I can understand if Punk wanted to quit, but at least give WWE some time to write you off TV, and give a reason for your absence. Leaving the way he did is disrespectful to everyone involved, from Vince, Triple H, to other wrestlers in the back, and even the fans.

    Here’s my question for you guys this week: I heard that WWE plans to make Sting the RAW GM when he makes his eventual return to WWE. I think that would be a waste if they go with that instead of Taker vs. Sting. I get that the match might not be that great, but the build up and promos would be out of this world. Anyways, what do you guys think? Would that work? Would he be Sting or Steve Borden?

    Thanks again, HAPPY THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Happy to be a part of such a awesome podcast, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.

    PS: Follow me on Twitter @EronTSM (and yes, I did change my handle).

  2. Hey guys, thank you for another awesome show. I go to Maureen’s all the time, they make an awesome peanut butter and jelly French toast. While listening to the show I realized you guys haven’t said regardless (that’s 1) in forever.
    Awesome podcast as always

  3. 5! 5! 5! Due to popular demand 5 degrees of E is back so let’s begin
    1- A thank you to my mentor and trainer Marcus Con Von
    2- A F you to my singlet for giving me a wedgie
    3- BJ’s Wholesale Club for having Kielbasa at sample day….. It sucked.
    4- CM Punk took my ball when he went home
    5- Brandon for slipping out of my bearhug while I was training him as wrestler…. That’s right Brandon left Rocky Johnson’s school for the School of E!

  4. great show as always guys but 1 question for dixie carter if it is true that cm punk really has left wwe do you have any intentions of signing him thx guys follow me on twitter @nywc_signguy

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the awesome show. And Dave, I hope you get well soon. Oh and you finally got my Twitter handle right!

    I’m also wondering when WWE plans on introducing the storyline involving Taker. The clock is ticking. Also, I 100% agree with what you guys said on Twitter during Raw about Zack Ryder. He does an amazing job at looking other guys look good and he did exactly that during his match with Titus O’Neil. I think he also did well in showing what he can do by providing some good offense.

    Thanks again! You guys made my two hour breaks at school on Mondays bearable haha.


  6. So I know CM Punk is coming off like jerk who doesn’t care about the fans. But really I think he’s doing it for the fans and guys like Bryan. It’s his way of saying, you keep booking these old guys who haven’t worked all year for the main event at WrestleMania. Well let’s see how rating do without one of your top guys. If this was the American Revolution. The fans for Punk would be the rebels and all the fans against him would be the loyalist. (I think you know which one I am). and speaking for someone who bought Axxess, HOF, WM, and Raw tickets. I don’t want to see an out of shape Batista in the Main Event. I hope Punk comes back soon and Batista gets fired for using steroids.

  7. If I can be serious for a minute…I thought I’d bring up a topic for discussion, one that’s been bugging me ever since SummerSlam and that’s the ‘shades of gray’ approach that WWE’s been taking to faces and heels, most notable Triple H, Stephanie, Vicky Guerrerro, Brad Maddux, Miz, and the New Age Outlaws. I have no problem with non traditional faces and heels, such as the anti hero Stone Cold Steve Austin or super nice guy heels like early WWF Kurt Angle or NXT’s Bo Dallas – it’s still clear whether these people should be supported or disliked and their crowd reactions have reflected that. Also factions like The Shield being cheered as heels is okay because they’re still clearly presented as heels – we don’t have to follow the WWE’s narrative but their narrative should be clear.

    What I, and many others, think is counterproductive and outright nonsensical is having people play to the crowd for face reactions one segment, then play for heel reactions the next. We’ve seen this with The Authority for months now and whether they’re trying to give the impression that they pretend to be good guys for sinister reasons or whether they’re trying to present nuanced, more realistic characters with shades of grey, it doesn’t work in wrestling and here’s why: In films or books, morally ambiguous characters work well because the viewer is only supposed to follow the story and enjoy it, in wrestling fans are supposed to react. The reaction for a beloved star is a loud cheer while loud boos are what accompany a hated heel – the reaction for a kindof-good-sometimes-but-mostly-not-nice is inaudible.

    If I don’t know whether to cheer or boo the New Age Outlaws then I’ll do neither, or perhaps do one halfheartedly – the end result is a confused viewer and a half arsed crowd reaction. If Mr. McMahon sometimes helped Stone Cold and sometimes stacked the deck against his Corporation members, he wouldn’t have been the universally despised villain he was. Wrestling is all about passionate reactions and, to borrow a line, ambiguity creates ambivalence.

    What are your thoughts?

    The 5th Best Mark In The World
    -RiC David @ViolentRiC

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