Markin’ Out Episode #155

DeportBieber2It’s the WWE Royal Rumble predictions show; we talk about Raw and SmackDown and even toss around the idea of TNA.

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  1. I hate to say but I’ve missed a couple of months of the show. Busy at work and I DVR wrestling so I didn’t want to hear what happened. But I finally caught up on everything and heard the show. Awesome as always. Missed Chris but Dave and Brandon did a great job. Thanks for the RRR love and can’t wait for your Rumble recap.

  2. Hey guys! It’s Wednesday morning when I’m writing this and the internet is blowing up about CM Punk telling Vince he was “going home” and then walking out of Raw and then not appearing on Smackdown. It has also been reported that WWE has removed his name from all upcoming appearances.

    Is there any truth to this? How do you guys feel? Is CM Punk just being a baby because he isn’t getting what he wants?

    Doing excellent work as always. Hope you can all make it to the Psycho Circus on February 15th.

    @JLinnick on Twitter

  3. Hey guys! Loved the show. I only watched the Rumble match, and I enjoyed it enough. Question: Do you think people were overreacting to Bryan not being in the match? Also, a different question. Do you think Punk leaving is legit?

  4. 1. Buck Fatista and dumb “hollywood wanna-be” gimmick. Get a pair of tights, put on a
    show, and earn your keep you undeserving ass.

    End vent.

    2. Daniel Bryan is the most popular superstar right now and Vince knows it. In my opinion, Vince will drag him around as long as possible without giving him the title, because people are tuning in and buying tickets. As soon as the crowd starts to fatigue from Bryan not winning, he’ll build Bryan back to a title run and give him the belt. Right now, Bryan is what’s best for business and giving him the strap will only end this #Yesmovement. I mean, where do they go after he gets the belt?

    3. I write this as of Wednesday afternoon. If CMPunk is legitimately out, good for him. After ten years, he’s done a lot. He’s said time and time again, he’s looking for the next and best thing to challenge himself. If its not coming to him from WWE, then so be it. Just follow him on his next endeavor.

    4. Keep being awesome. Loving the shows every week. Give yourself a big TNA Dixie “Good job, y’all.”

  5. 5! 5! 5! E! True Langston story is here to report that Corey graves will be replacing cm punk on the main roster. It’ll be a Fake Diesal kinda situation. I’m sorry to say ther will be no 5 Degrees of E this week because I was to busy dipping my head in baby oil and rubbing it on Brandon’s body

  6. Hey guys, another great episode this week but I need to clarify when I said me and Big E have a el generico and Sami Zayn relationship. I meant that people think were the same person when we clearly aren’t ;). Also I was reading on a forum where people are planning a wrestlemania walkout where when Batista comes out for the main event they are going to leave. Do you think this is getting kind of crazy or is this the appropriate response. Awesome podcast as always

  7. Hey guys, wonderful episode as always.

    We hardly got any Brandon-Dixie Voice this episode…. That’s not best for business.

    Anyways, I wanted to give my opinion on the CM Punk situation. I think Punk is acting unprofessional, and I think he will regret walking out on the company in this manner. If you want change, it can’t be done from your couch. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter to me if he ever comes back. I was never really on the Punk hype train.

    Here’s my question for you guys. There has been talks of WWE in a state of defcon 5 as far as the creative team goes trying to figure out what to do for WrestleMania 30. They want to include Bryan in the main event, but they don’t know how to do it. What if you had Bryan vs. HHH, where if DB wins, he gets a title shot at the next PPV which is Extreme Rules, in Seattle. I know it doesn’t really solve the Batista-Orton problem, but I think you could possibly put the HHH vs. Bryan match on last, and have DB win. I think that would be a good way to end WrestleMania. What are your thoughts? How should WWE book WrestleMania?

    Thanks again, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.
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  8. Hey guys! awesome show as always, I’ve been incredibly busy recently, going back to school after 12 years is rough but I never miss an episode of Markin Out!

    What are the chances that this whole thing with Punk is a work? Also do you think WWE will ever show Daniel Bryan the respect he deserves?

    Short and sweet cause I know how much Dave hates long ass comments lol

    Keep up the awesome work with the podcast!

    The number 1 mark


  9. Hey guys! Thanks for the great podcast.

    I saw what you guys tweeted about JBL and Lawler and how they stood up in reaction to their names being chanted this past Monday on Raw during the match between Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio, which in my opinion wasn’t bad at all. I agree that it was quite disrespectful on their part. I also think those fan chants are getting kind of annoying.

    Anyway thanks again for the fantastic podcasts. I appreciate Mike taking some time to share his opinions with everyone on the podcast as well so thanks to you too, Mike!


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