Markin’ Out Episode #154


This week we discuss WWE Raw and SmackDown, the Hall of Fame and NJPW.

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  1. Hey guys great show as always , I just wanna talk about the territory hall of fame thing , I think Gino Hernandez and Chris adams With Gary hart should be in the hall of fame along with ice man king parsons . Keep up the good work and please follow me on twitter @kevinomega6

  2. The peoples mark and the marks person is back to the comment section. Great show and I agree with Dave that the funkadactyls were pretty reckless when they pulled summer rae out of the ring. Also I liked Big E’s new segment.
    I also created a YouTube channel where so far I’ve reviewed action figures but I plan on branching out. The channel is JTD TV

  3. 5! 5! 5! What’s up marks. Alright the WWE creative team has given me some news to report in my new segment
    E! True Langston story
    1- Zack Ryder will have sable on his crotch
    2- Kofi Kingston will have a dinosaur infused gimmick
    3- I will unify every title WWE 12 style

    Now it’s time for 3 degrees of e but 3 ain’t enough I need 5
    1- Randy Orton for making me carry him throughout the match
    2- Starbucks for there hot coffee
    3- jet blue for losing my Kielbasa
    4- Mike for not showing up
    5- Brandon for skipping out on our stroll through the park to some great Ring Rope Rebellion music

  4. Aaaaargh I can’t take hearing people say “John Cena Sr.” anymore! Guys, say it with me now, “John Senior”. Why does nobody else say it that way? It’s so much easier to say and works perfectly.

    Anyway, John Senior doesn’t suck…*you* suck! I love that guy! He’s a natural heel and would make a fantastic manager were it not for the fact that his son is the company’s top babyface.

    While I’m moaning about stuff, whatever happened to decent tag team names? I know ‘RybAxl’ was probably chosen because it’s so deliberately terrible but nowadays it seems like all we ever get is mashups of one person’s name or gimmick and the other’s. Look back at awesome names like The Road Warriors, Power & Glory, The Hart Foundation, The Demolition, The Brothers of Destruction – if they’d been created today they’d be Team AniHawk, HercuRome, HartHart, SmAx, Team Rest In Flames etc. It worked well for teams like JeriShow and ShowMiz but you don’t *have* to go with portmanteaus all the time.

    I’d offer constructive criticism for your show but I honestly don’t have any. We need even more impersonations from Brandon?

    Until next time, goodbye from your number 3….na three is too much man I’m just your number FIVE mark RiC “Underscore” David

  5. Oh and I don’t know who to credit for this but I have it on good word that Ryback’s new marketting catchphrase is going to be



  6. Hey Guys! Wonderful episode as always. Brandon’s Dixie voice continues to crack me up! WE WANT MORE DIXIE!

    I’ve got a couple of topics I’d like to hit with you guys.

    First, I wanted to talk about the upcoming Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match. I think the build up has been really good, and I am actually excited for this match, but I think the match is going to be a complete let down. I don’t see how these two are going to put on a great or even good 20 minute match. Their styles just don’t mix. At least with the Triple H vs. Lesnar feud, HHH made Lesnar look really good, and worked him into the match slowly. I don’t know if Show is going to be able to do that. I think they should add a stipulation to the match. Maybe No DQ? What do you guys think?

    Secondly, I was wondering how many more matches Taker has left in him. I was thinking he could probably make it to 25-0, and then call it a career, but that would be WrestleMania 33. I don’t know if he’ll last that long. I think WWE wants to end the streak on a nice number, and 25 seems to be that number. What do you guys think? How many more WM’s does he have left?

    Thanks again, the #1 Brandon Mark, Eron.
    Follow me on Twitter @EronUST

  7. I have a special bonus segment for E! true Langston story. I’m here to announce that i am declaring myself an entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble. Brandon I sent you a ticket in the mail, I hope you can make it to see the master if the 5 count win the rumble

    Also Justin your YouTube channel sucks.

  8. I just wanted to make a comment on the return of Batista….
    If your finisher is a sitdown powerbomb.. DO IT! Don’t half ass it just cause your skinny jeans might rip!
    -“The Godfather of Markin’ Out” Chris

  9. Hey guys. Thanks for the hilarious podcast once again. It never fails to lighten the mood. The end bit with Dixie was very funny, by the way.

    So what are the chances that Batista doesn’t win the Rumble this coming Sunday? Sigh…

    Anyway, thanks again for the great podcast. Can’t wait to hear you guys discuss this week’s Raw. Stay warm!


  10. My God there’s a lot of comments this episode! I’ll try and keep mine brief so you can get on with the show.

    1) Why does it appear that Emma will make her debut before Paige? Do you think the NXT Women’s Title tournament is a way for them to get the belt off Paige so she can come to Raw?

    2) Who was your all time favorite Royal Rumble surprise entrant?

    Thanks as always guys! Love the show. Just wish we could get some more Dixie Carter.

    @JLinnick on Twitter

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