Markin’ Out Episode #128



We discuss the results to WWE Money in the Bank, Brandon’s experience at Monday Night Raw, discuss A LOT of fan comments and talk about Destination MEM/A&8…I mean X

7 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #128

  1. I believe it was actually two steps on the chromatic scale – I actually loaded it into CoolEdit and lowered the pitch…yeah I took the trouble.

    Great show as usual, although Brandon really phoned it in the week, jeez.

  2. That band was really good – I’m not into growl vocals but the song reminded me of the kind of thing WWE used to use before their PPV music started to suck arse.

    (I’m laughing in advance at hearing you pronounce “arse”)

  3. Awesome show as per usual. Could you guys see Daniel Bryan beating Cena and having Randy Orton lose when he cashes in (therefore pushing Bryan even more.) It could be like when Jericho beat Rock and Austin in the same night except with Cena and Orton. Also if Randy Orton wins the championship, could you see this ruining what should be a huge moment. I mean how often does someone beat Cena cleanly for the WWE Championship.

  4. Hi guys! I just read a story about the reason Kassius Ohno hasn’t been on TV n why he hasn’t been called up to the main roster. What do you guys think of the whole situation? I think he looks fine the way he is and kind of has the body type of maybe cm punk? I mean not everyone is going to look like John Cena. He’s in better shape than the NXT champion in my opinion. The show was totally awesome as usual.

  5. Thank you very much for keeping me entertained every week. I really enjoy listening to you guys. I am from France and like your show.

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