Markin’ Out Episode #127



We deal w TNA and ROH then move on the WWE and predictions for Money in the Bank. SPOILER! We end in a no contest.

8 thoughts on “Markin’ Out Episode #127

  1. It’s hard listening to you with chipmunk videos, but great show as always. I am excited to see what happens tomorrow on Sunday. Money in the Bank is looking great. I’m having problems predicting the winners from the MITB ladder matches. Especially for Smackdown. I guess if I had a to choose, I would have to choose Barrett. I want Bryan to win for Raw. They’re making him seem like he’s going to win. That makes me feel like he isn’t going to win.
    I cant wait to see what happens with the PPV.

  2. So *that’s* why I was so attracted to Chris’ voice – I knew it was feminine; I wondered who the female host was. I also learned that I really prefer listening to male voices than female, just talking pitch here – it’s a lot easier on the ears.

  3. Hey guys. Great show as usual but two things. 1. I wasn’t sure if my phone was messed up or what because you guys sounded…different? 2 I love how you guys try not to cuss but do anyway and then apologize. You guys crack me up every Saturday morning. I just want to say thanks for the great shows and educating me on more than just WWE wrestling.

  4. Great podcast this week, even if it was helium filled. I thought Brandon mentioned his voice sounded weird about half way through the podcast. I too cant wait for the new WWE2K14 to come out but I could give less that an Iron Sheik fuck if the Ultimate Warrior is in the game, I hope they put Mr. Perfect in it and the Perfect Plex cant be kicked out of i will be happy.

  5. So just how pissed are you guys that Randy Orton won the briefcase?
    Honestly. I don’t even care. I have never felt so indifferent to someone winning the briefcase. That’s worse than when I am unhappy about who won.

  6. Awesome show again this week, even if it did sound like you guys were sucking on a helium tank. I especially liked the rage displayed by Dave and Chris during Chris’ match/rant of the week. I too got chills when the Wyatt’s made their debut, incredible entrance! WWE really hit a home run with this debut, let’s hope they keep the momentum they’ve built up over the past few weeks. Oh and thanks to you guys, anytime I hear regardless, I count em.

    Great show, as always broskis!

    Also; butt-fuck Randy Orton winning MITB.


  7. Who do you think is the best on the mic right now in the WWE?

    what about of all time?

    p.s. i wanna fist brandon <3

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