Markin’ Out Episode #206

MO206Who did right this week in pro wrestling? Who did write this week in pro wrestling?

One thought on “Markin’ Out Episode #206

  1. Hey guys, how it’s going? It looks like I commented a little too late last week. That’s quite alright, though. Thanks for giving us fans another great episode! It’s a lot of fun hearing Dave get angry about Raw.

    I wanted to know your thoughts RAWlternative. I personally think it’s a good thing for fans who are bored of the WWE product and want to experience something a little different. It’s also good for WWE fans who haven’t really had the chance to see what the independent wrestling scene has to offer. If they don’t want to tune in while Raw is on, they can easily tune into the live feed during commercial breaks or something. I’m sure a lot of the talents would catch the eye of fans who aren’t familiar with independent wrestling.

    I actually had PWG BOLA 2014 playing the other day and I LOVED that my brother, who isn’t familiar with independent wrestling at all, was saying things like “WHOA that was awesome” or “Holy crap he can do that?” At one point, he actually said that he enjoyed watching this more than WWE. He was also really shocked that Candice LeRae was in a match with other men.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in hearing your predictions for the Royal Rumble.

    Thanks again!


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