Markin’ Out Episode #205

NJPW had a huge impact. Impact did not. WWE needs a change.

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  1. posted a poll asking who the best Royal Rumbler is. They had Stone Cold, HBK, Undertaker, HHH, Kane, Cena, Hogan, Orton, Edge and Rey Mysterio. Who do you think is the best to ever enter and win a Royal Rumble? I think it’s Rey.

  2. Great episode last week guys! Felt good to be back in the swing of things. Had lots of laughs as usual.

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on a few things this week:

    1)Obviously the big story is “Macho Man” finally being inducted. IMO it’s a little too late but better than never at all. I feel like Hogan is the wrong choice to induct Savage. I think either DDP or Steamboat should have the honors. With “The Genius” being the one to accept. If he doesn’t read a poem, I will be highly upset.

    2) Why didn’t Rollins cash in this week?! After laying out Cena and then hitting the curb stomp on Lesnar, he had a wide open opportunity to do it and nothing happened. Raw just ended. What gives?! If he was champion heading into the main event, I think it would’ve spiced things up a bit.

    Finally I want to know what Brandon thinks of the new WWE 2k15 DLC. I refuse to pay for it and am just patiently waiting for the new Ultimate Warrior showcase.

    Thanks again for another fun episode!

    Follow me on Twitter @JLinnick where you can help me raise money for St.Baldrick’s on 3/15. For those who don’t know what that is, I’ll be shaving my head for children’s cancer.

    PS- NYWC has a show coming up on 1/31. Sideshow is the last stop before Psycho Circus on 2/28. Be there!

  3. Gentleman, gentleman, gentleman.. I attempted to watch raw on Monday, but I don’t think I lasted a full hour. I ended up turning raw off and watching old Stan Hansen matches on njpw world. I cannot put over that streaming service enough. Its awesome and filled with amazing wrestling. Well, let me get straight to the point! It’s great that macho is finally being inducted into the hall of fame. I don’t think hogan is the correct choice to inducted him. Knowing the history between both guys, there has to be a better choice. Do you guys think hogan is the guy, if not, who would you pick?
    Lastly, cesero and Kidd look great together. If you haven’t seen the main event match with them and Adam rose vs new day, go watch it. I love the idea of cesero and Kidd making a run at the tag titles. If used correctly, they could give the tag team division just what it needs to be relevant again. I’d love to see new day vs cesero and Kidd at the rumble. Given time, they could steal the show. Hope you guys had a great week and I look forward to another awesome show.

  4. Hey guys,

    Thanks again for another great episode that proves to be better than even RAW itself on a weekly basis. Like so many others, I too could not sit and watch RAW in it’s entirety. Thank God for DVR and the fast forward button.

    One thing has been standing out to me though…Roman Reigns. Ok, yes, the guy has the look. My female friends will all confirm this with WAY too much enthusiasm. He has his moments in the ring where he stands out as well, and this will most likely get better with time. The one thing that I just cannot get past is the horrendous mic work. I know he isn’t the most comfortable talker WWE has today, but I feel like the cheesy, little kid, cartoon-like promos are sabotaging the character that the WWE should be pushing him to be. The guy flat out looks like a badass. My coworker actually pointed out a similarity to Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones (Jason Mamoa) and that is one bad ass character as well. He needs to be booked as such! He should be cocky, not to the point of patronizing his opponents, but just being cold and confident. I don’t want to hear a bed time story about how “little Roman Reigns found a giant,” I want to hear how he is going to “knock that bitch out,” which they seemed to be building towards before the new tone of his promos. I cringed listening to him over the past few shows, and feel that he has arguably surpassed John Cena in childishness when speaking. My question for you both is, going forward, how would you build up Roman Reigns as a character going forward?

    Also, a bonus question for Dave. With Gotham being back, I am sure you’re as excited as I am, but how do you feel about the Catwoman (girl?) character so far. She intrigues me, but I feel like she is being randomly forced into the story with little reason or explanation very often. Do you agree?

    Thanks again guys, but it’s 2:00am and I’ve got an IPA in hand and the new moves pack for WWE2k15 to apply to my wrestler, so this mark is signing off.

  5. Oh it’s me again. Just had to mention, if you brought back the t-shirts I would definitely buy one! I remember you guys mentioning it a while back and forgot to say anything!

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for another awesome episode of the podcast. I really hope I’m not too late in commenting, but here I go anyway.

    I know you guys heard about Tough Enough coming back to USA Network. I was thinking of how much I enjoyed the last one and I was just wondering what happened to that guy Luke. I think he was the runner up last season. Do you guys know what he’s up to these days?

    Thanks again!


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