Markin’ Out Episode #207

WoodWoodWho makes it to the main event of WrestleMania?

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  1. There is one way to save mania. Between now and fastlane, have Seth Rollins cash in with the authorities help. At fastlane, have him retain against Lesnar but be attacked by Ambrose afterwards. Next, Ambrose continually taunts and attacks both Rollins and Reigns and play to their egos and bringing up their history as the Shield. Play it to the crowd to make them WANT a Shield 3 way match as the main event. He begins interefering in their matches and being a true chaotic neutral force. He attacks without reason and truly is a lunatic..forget Dean Ambrose, he brings back the persona ( if not the name) of Jon Moxley and his true psychotic nature. Eventually considering him too much of a threat to both of them, both Rollins and Reigns demand Ambrose be added to the Mania match so he can be in a position they can “control”.

  2. Hey guys it’s me dropping by real fast. Just wanted to say that while Roman Reigns might not be ready I do think he will make a star. Having said that the whole build up, the booking of the rumble match, and the current champion make me cringe. I’ll start by saying I love Lesnar as the champ, it’d be great if he were there more but he makes must see television. But the fact that we are going to have to deal with Roman Reigns somehow beating the guy that ended the streak, squashed John Cena, and won at the Rumble is crazy. Lesnar will be a major face at Wrestlemania with that crowd. The booking of the Rumble for the most part was awful, with my favorite part being Bubba Ray. The final three, or four, being Reigns, Rusev, Kane and Big Show is insulting to us. No way in hell the other three had a remote shot.
    Here’s what i wouldve done at the rumble with a follow up.
    It shouldve been Bryan, Regins, the underdog Ziggler and a returning Orton. One night on Raw Lesnar and Reigns scrap and Reigns lands a spear on him. The authority tells Rollins to capitalize and cash in, and he is unsuccessful and becomes frustrated with the authority. Then have a stand off between Rollins and Reigns right after in the back. Next maybe have Ambrose go on a stretch of losing matches, maybe even have a huge upset loss at Mania earlier on. During the main event, Lesnar has the upper-hand when the ref gets knocked out, have Rollins rush down, look at Reigns and attack Lesnar. Next the locker room spills out with guys trying to salvage the match. when all thats left in the ring is lesnar, Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose. Triple Powerbomb, Reigns champ, maybe even a heel reaction to the Shield.
    Thanks for reading this, its definitely flawed because I came up with it real quick, tell me what you guys think
    The numba two mark,
    Andrew F

  3. Ugh… Hey guys. Between the disappointing mess of the Royal Rumble (the triple threat being the exception) why do I feel so upset about Roman winning? We all basically knew he was going to win for months now! Did WWE do a poor job of hyping him up? I think so. If he came in to the match with more momentum and more charisma, I feel like the crowd wouldn’t have turned on him so fast. Well, not tossing out Daniel Bryan so fast would’ve helped to.

    Not only that but, during the snowpocalypse this week, the announced the cast of Ghostbusters. I’m sure you both know how huge of a fan I am and it hurts me to see this cast put together. Melissa McCarthy plays the same characters in all her movies. She is about as funny as an orphanage fire. I HATE her. Granted, this isn’t Ghostbusters III and it shouldn’t be but I’m just so mad. Why must Hollywood reboot everything now? The new ninja turtles movie was the epitome of a dumpster fire and this will be too. I want to like it because it has the name Ghostbusters attached to it but, I just can’t.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    @JLinnick on twitter

  4. Hey guys,

    So the Rumble was…interesting. I would sit here and write a long comment about my thoughts and how it should have gone, but I know this will be something you both will be talking about quite a bit.

    I actually wanted to ask a fantasy booking question. If you could each pick a superstar that isn’t on main event status, or someone from the indies, to get called up for the world title push…

    1. Who would it be?
    2. Who would be the champion they would be chasing?
    3. What would be the “short story version” of the set up to their storyline?

    Personally, mine would be Finn Balor chasing Bray Wyatt and have the storyline revolve around Balor’s “alter ego” (the bodypaint persona) and have Bray claim that he has tamed many demons in the past (Kane, potentially the Undertaker if rumors for Mania are correct), and he senses a demon in Balor. However, Balor is never booked for title matches since he hasn’t paid his dues on the main roster yet, and he has yet to debut the bodypaint look on RAW/Smackdown. Wyatt defends the title successfully against, lets say,different opponents at two different PPVs, each time getting on the mic after the win calling out the demon in Balor. On the RAW after that second PPV, Wyatt is in the ring to close the show saying that all he wants is to claim the demon in Balor as his own. Have him chant some crazy gibberish as if he were trying to communicate with the demon, but out comes Balor, full body paint, looking at Wyatt from the entrance ramp shaking his head as if saying he cannot be tamed, thus beginning the title chase.

    It may be silly, and I’m no amazing armchair booker by any means, however I think it would be a cool change to the “I don’t like you because you have the title” feuds we seem to be getting more often.

    Thanks again for the show, but this mark is signing off!

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